Pentzer Printing Picks Up Xerox 800 Color Press from Fujifilm

Pentzer Printing, a commercial printer in Columbus, IN, purchased a new Xerox 800 Color Press from Fujifilm Graphic Systems Division on the opening day of GRAPH EXPO 2011.
“This device, thanks to all of the features it offers, will allow us to move more of our current offset work to digital, and that’s going to help us not only in terms of efficiency, but also with the bottom line,” explains John Settle, the company’s Chief Operating Officer.
The new device, which will include a new RIP as well as a booklet maker, is expected to be installed later this fall.
Pentzer Printing, a $2-3 million commercial printer, is located in Columbus, IN (about an hour and a half south of Indianapolis) and will be the first commercial printer in southern Indiana to have a Xerox 800.