GRAPH EXPO Show Daily – So Much More than Just Print

The GRAPH EXPO Show Daily office on the fourth floor of McCormick Place is a hive of frenetic activity. From very early in the morning until past dark, a staff of nearly 20 people buzz back and forth between press conferences, the show floor, vendor events, and co-located meetings. Photographs and videos are shot, articles are written, edited, imposed, and proofed before going to Quad/Graphics in Sussex, WI, for production. The staff includes writers, artists, production staff, schedule coordinators, and IT personnel—all of whom multi-task, of course.
While all of that is plenty to keep everyone busy throughout the day, there is a lot more happening than just the printed product that shows up outside hotel rooms each morning of the show and in bins around the show floor. As is the case for the rest of the printing industry, the Show Daily has branched out into the world of cross-media.
The Show Daily is produced by Cygnus Business Media, based in Fort Atkinson, WI. Publisher Kelley Holmes, explains that it’s really the ancillary cross-media products that keep the team working late into the evening. “The GRAPH EXPO Show Daily also goes out as an e-newsletter,” she says. “It reaches a far wider audience than just those who are actually in Chicago to attend the show. The reach is no longer local or even regional. The information from GRAPH EXPO is literally reaching a global audience.”
That e-newsletter includes links to all of the articles that appear in the printed edition of the Show Daily as well as video interviews. All of that content resides on a GRAPH EXPO mini-site that is part of, and it will be available long after the show is over so that the information will still be accessible.
During the show, Holmes and the Cygnus editors are conducting a series of video interviews with industry experts from various disciplines. When the show concludes, a special newsletter will be sent out that will include links to all of the interviews and other video that was shot at the show. It will include views of the show floor and the 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony that was held on the 10th anniversary of September 11, 2001.
Multi-media projects are now part and parcel of the Show Daily experience. The mini-site, the videos, and even a special photo gallery, which was another new introduction this year, are also available on mobile devices so you can take GRAPH EXPO with you wherever you go.