The Simple Secret to QR Code Success

QR, or Quick Response, codes have become the next “next big thing” in modern marketing. During the first of two days of educational Xplor Conference sessions, Principal Product Manager at Pitney Bowes Business Insight Stephen D. Poe let his audience in on a dirty little secret behind all the hype.
“Planning for QR codes must be an integral part of your campaign from the beginning or it won’t work,” Poe bluntly explained. “QR codes cannot be an afterthought.”
When newspapers began to embrace websites at the turn of the century much of what they published online was described as “shovelware,” or simply dumping the print edition to the Web without adding interactive Internet-exclusive content.
Unfortunately, many company QR codes, accessed by a smartphone enabled reader, take their audience to uninspired, lackluster, or just plain broken websites. Poe warned that the shovelware equivalent of QR code content should be avoided at all costs.
“You’ve got to provide a novel, unique experience that’s not the same as your web, print or TV advertising,” Poe said. “It better not be what you can get anywhere else, and this can be a challenge for your creative department.”
In addition to providing a unique user experience, Poe stressed the importance of testing your codes for quality. Does your QR code lead your users to the correct landing page? Do the videos work on your user's phone? With over 150 QR code readers available for Android phones, are you sure your code can be read by everyone?
As with most things in business, quality over quantity could be all that stands between you and new customer leads.
Before wrapping up his session, Poe addressed one last issue.
“What if you do it right and your QR code gets two million hits and crashes your server? Everyone would like to have that problem!”