Something New Announced at Estimator Cloud Conference

Many printing industry veterans are familiar with Estimator Cloud, the job-entry and workflow solution by Estimator Corp. (Booth 107) Westport, CT-based shown to provide a 500 percent gain in productivity. Estimator Cloud outperforms all existing systems for cost, speed, accuracy, ease of learning, and easy of use, says its creator, Mark L. Myers.

“It’s the only single-screen estimating system in the world,” says Myers, a printing industry veteran who once owned a Florida printing business employing a staff of more than 100. “It’s different from other systems that include multiple and complex screens that can grow confusing. You can learn to use it effectively in 30 minutes.

At yesterday’s conference, Myers officially launched a new venture called MediaExx, providing marketing as a service. “It’s the go-to provider of marketing services, with comprehensive media plans to increase sales and profits,” Myers says, noting the goal is to give small and mid-size businesses access to customized, expert-developed marketing tools and strategies.

“Because small and mid-sized business owners and executives concentrate on the daily operations of their businesses, they rarely have the time to create and implement comprehensive and consistent promotion plans using multiple and new media,“ Myers says. “However, MediaExx can.”