Not Every Story Has Two Sides, But This One Does

Launched in Europe in 2008, Two Sides is a Chicago-based non-profit organization founded with two purposes. First, it is committed to promoting the responsible production and use of print and paper. Second, it is dedicated to encouraging the use of print and paper as an attractive, practical, and sustainable communications medium.

Two Sides Founder Philippe (Phil) Riebel, a Montreal native who lived in Finland for years and now resides in Chicago, reports Two Sides boasts more than 1,000 members in a dozen countries, representing the entire length of the print media supply chain. Among the members are major pulp and paper producers, merchants, brokers, ink and chemical manufacturers, prepress, press, printing, finishing and publishing companies.

The objective of Two Sides is to deliver the premier environmental services to its members. One of those services is member access to a neatly organized storehouse of credible, science-based facts about the sustainability of paper and print. Another is the provision of environmental case studies from member organizations that encourage use of print and paper as an effective communications medium. A third is the Two Sides “toolbox” that offers in a simple and easy-to-understand format key facts and information.

“Our website, launched this fall, will have more information,” Riebel says.