Personalizing for Profits: Pitney Bowes Offers Marketing Solutions

Know your audience. That practical piece of advice was offered time and again by Chris Giles, Vice President of Competitive Marketing for marketing service provider Pitney Bowes (Booths 2010 and 3765).

Giles explained that by understanding how your potential customers like to communicate your marketing strategies will make a stronger impact.

“Does your customer live in an apartment with a communal mailbox? They’re more likely to only check the box twice a week. Understanding that will help you better market time-sensitive materials,” Giles said.

Beyond the physical location of their mailbox, Giles said understanding that a younger audience tends to prefer social media, texting, and email to direct mailing could help you reach more potential customers.

Bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds is QR, or quick response, codes. QR codes printed on the front of direct mail pieces can help keep print relevant and aid in personalization by giving the customer access to a tailor-made online experience.

By combining traditional mailing methods with emerging digital technologies, Pitney Bowes is in a unique position to help printers reach a wider audience.