Attending drupa 2012? Plan to Book Early.

If drupa 2008 was “inkjet drupa,” what is the motto for drupa 2012 (Booth 2257)? Noting that the drupa nickname is often applied after the show, Heidelberg chairman Bernard Schreier said that 2012 probably will not have a technical motto. “I think that perhaps you could call it ‘orientation’ drupa,” Schreier said at a Monday press conference during GRAPH EXPO 2011. “In any case, I think it most likely will be a business motto.”

Schreier, who was only recently installed as drupa President, noted that in 2008 the show drew some 390,000 visitors to Dusseldorf. Event organizers expect similar attendance at drupa 2012, which will be held May 3 to 15. As far as exhibitors are concerned, space at drupa 2012 is virtually sold out.

Once again, drupa tickets will include free public transportation in and around Dusseldorf for a radius of 100 kilometers. Ticket prices for those who book prior to the show will not be raised, but those who wait to purchase tickets at the show will pay a premium. Availability of affordable hotel rooms in and near Dusseldorf has improved but is still “difficult” and those planning to attend should consider hotels outside the immediate area. More detailed information is available at the drupa website,