documobi Makes Print Digital in Real Time

It is no accident that documobi’s motto is “Win more business, create more value, make more money.” The service enables printers to make any printed piece interactive using iPR, “intelligent print recognition,” which was introduced at GRAPH EXPO 2011.

Far more interactive than ordinary QR codes, documobi (Booth 3967) employs technology to make it completely trackable in real-time by time of day and location, allowing users to collect deep levels of information about respondents. This enables on-the-fly response times and adjustments to customer feedback because there is no prepress work required.

documobi digitizes printing using three simple components: Creator, Reader, and documobiConnect portal. For an annual license fee of $1,995, printers can get access to three creator apps, including upgrades, support, and the ability to connect to the documobi portal. A $50 monthly fee allows users to create 25 IDs, which are made interactive for $2 each. Capture any printed piece using the camera, type in a destination and description, and the printed piece is indexed in the cloud and given a unique ID.

The Reader is available as a free download for Android and iPhone. The documobiConnect portal is the nerve center of the system and allows users to upload and manage indexed pages, redirect URL destinations, and measure their campaigns with granular data, including advanced geo-location analytics.


Correction: The GRAPH EXPO show special pricing for the documobi annual license was reported incorrectly yesterday. Regular price is $1,995 and the GRAPH EXPO show special is $995 per year.