Catch a Wave and Hang Ten

Sean Davey, a professional photographer specializing in surfing and water photography, relies on an Epson Stylus Pro 9900 44-inch printer and Signature Worthy Exhibition Canvas Gloss for his high-quality output and print sales. Widely published in several countries, Davey boasts photo credits on over 120 magazine covers, and leverages the power of Epson technology to create his prints.

“When I first started printing canvas, I put it in the printer and what I got was uninspiring,” said Davey. “The blacks weren’t really black, the whites seemed a bit yellow and the colors didn’t have the pizzazz I was seeing on the monitor. I knew I had a great printer, I just had to find the right canvas, and that’s when I heard about Epson’s Exhibition Canvas Gloss. After producing my first print, I found what I was looking for—the blues and cyans are so important to what I do, and with this canvas, every color comes out exactly as it should with amazing contrast, gutsy blacks, and beautiful saturation.”

Originally from the island state of Tasmania in Australia, Davey now calls Oahu’s north shore home, and spends much of the Hawaiian winter photographing surfers from all over the world, and summer months shooting turtles, dolphins, and fish. When not in Hawaii, Davey leads exploratory photo expeditions to many of the worlds more remote surf zones.

In the past, Davey found some of his most popular images difficult to print because printers and papers couldn’t fully express the images the way he saw them. Once he started using the Epson Stylus Pro 9900 and Exhibition Canvas Gloss, he found the blacks are true black and the aquas of the oceans and the blues of the sky are as vibrant as nature intended.

Davey believes his customers gravitate toward canvas prints because it doesn’t have glass—it allows them to look at the print and feel like they can almost jump right into the scene. “Canvas feels like fine art to my customers and looks best in larger sizes. The bigger the canvas, the greater the profit. I’ve printed on all kinds of papers, but it’s really the canvas that people seem to love the most. It accounts for over 80 percent of my sales,” said Davey.

“The business has changed, and in order to survive, I’ve had to change with it,” said Davey. “Bringing canvas printing in-house has allowed me to reach out to new markets and Exhibition Canvas Gloss has proven to be the perfect match for my work.”