The Sign Connection: Making the Sale

I am sure many of you are well aware of the feeling you get when you pull into a car dealership—you want to work with a helpful salesperson who is not too pushy. This can be felt across the board during any sales process. When buying anything, how much influence does a likeable and effective sales associate have with you?

From a business standpoint, what does it mean when the salesperson knows about your company and the kind of customers you are trying to attract? How much value does it bring when the salesperson asks questions and does research to understand your final outcome versus trying to sell you something because they know the product?

And for the really big question, what means more to you in the grand scheme of things—the hard sales pitch or an explanation of how a specific product or service will work best for you?

You are probably wondering if there is that big of a difference. This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself, because the disparity is vast. A hard pitch is product or commodity focused and the explanation around solving specific needs is customer solution focused. People like to buy from individuals they know and trust, and the trust factor is paramount! Trust involves added value and a strong reputation for dependability. This relates to both the salesperson and the company, not the pitch of product features and benefits. Let’s face it—signs are sold every day. What makes someone, especially the serious buyer, choose you?

Serious buyers base decisions on the confidence they have in the salesperson and company’s ability to meet their expectations. Great salespeople achieve success by building strong relationships and asking targeted, open-ended questions to identify their customer’s problem. In the end, all businesses are trying to grow their bottom line and have a specific message for a specific audience. It is our job to determine the best signs and graphics to make that happen.

At Signs Now and Allegra Network, we like to focus on delivering the customer’s message to the target audience, rather than solely on the benefits and features of our product. We like to make sure our clients know they are in great hands by looking out for their best interest and not trying to push a commodity or deliver a sales pitch.

If you look into changing your focus, you will see more estimate conversions and higher return on your time!