Editorial: Changing Times

I’m gonna change my way of living and if that ain’t enough, I’m gonna change the way I strut my stuff.” — Lyrics from “They’ll be Some Changes Made”

It’s all about change and I’m sure you will quickly notice a number of changes in this issue of Quick Printing. The most striking change is that we have combined much of the content from Printing News with the normal content of QP. There are a couple of reasons for this move.

First, the lines separating the various segments of the commercial printing industry have become blurred. Today you can walk into a quick print operation and see a multi-tower Heidelberg. Or you can visit a medium or larger commercial printer and see digital output devices augmenting offset capabilities. Printers of all sizes have been integrating large-format into their job mix.

Second, while there are some obvious differences in organization and capabilities across the industry, there are some constants. Regardless of size, printers all need information on such things as business management, sales and sales management, human resources, financial considerations and consequences, social media and the Internet, industry trends, etc.

With these things in mind, we will be offering our readers a broader range of material from a larger pool of contributors. That said, we recognize that today’s economics will not allow for us to produce an unlimited number of printed pages to hold this expanded content. So, while some of our columnists will appear in print every month, others will rotate between print and online at MyPrintResource.com. Most will continue to write each month, regardless of the medium. Those columns which had already been alternating every other month in the print edition will continue to be available as usual, but will alternate between print and online.

Our goal is to better serve our readers using all of the channels available to us—the same channels that our readers are now using to serve their customers. Those of you who have visited MyPrintResource.com know the rich variety of content—ranging from news to videos to podcasts to blogs to digital editions and archives—that can be accessed there. We are walking the walk by using print to drive traffic to the Web and vice versa.

Another change that some of you will see starting next month is that the printed edition of our sister publication Wide-Format Imaging will be poly-bagged with QP on a semi-monthly basis. This combined mailing will go out to all WFI subscribers. WFI will still be available monthly for everyone online.

Finally, beginning in December, this space will belong to the new editor of QP, Karen Hall. After 25 years I’ll miss writing this monthly missive, but it was time for a change. Oh, I’ll still be around, just not on this page, so I’ll see you all down the road.