Digital Original: New Software Enables Electronic Publishing

Prepress workflow is changing again. New software released by Adobe and Quark will help printers and designers turn their InDesign and Quark files into documents and apps that can be read on iPads, tablets, and smartphones. Adobe has also introduced a line of apps to create content on tablets, including a Photoshop type of app.

The growing use of iPads, Android tablets, e-readers, and smartphones has created a demand for content for these devices. Printers who have been creating newsletters, documents, and other publications can now easily repurpose their print material in electronic form. Both Adobe and Quark have entered the electronic content creation market with software that works with their latest page layout software to help printers produce the increasing demand for work.


Single Issue Flexibility

Adobe has released Digital Publishing Suite Single Edition, which allows users to publish interactive content created with InDesign CS5.5 on the Apple iPad. Quark has released Quark Publishing System 9.1, a new version of its publishing platform for automated publishing to print, Web, e-reader, mobile, and tablet devices.

DPS Single Edition offers a workflow that enables designers to publish a single-issue application for sale or distribution through the Apple App Store. Without writing a single line of code, designers can use their existing skills to create an application for the iPad; saving on development costs, while allowing them to maintain complete creative control.

Single Edition also allows users to publish single-issue content such as a brochure, highly visual book, annual report, or personal design portfolio as an application for the iPad. Single Edition will support additional tablet platforms later in 2012.

The new version of the Quark Publishing System is compatible with QuarkXPress 9.1 and App Studio. It allows users to publish to the iPad and other digital formats without special developer skills. The improvements allow designers and content creators to easily create and publish iPad apps, incorporate digital assets and workflows into their existing publishing system, automate publishing to the iPad and ePUB format, and let all system users share, access, and collaborate on digital publishing projects.

Adobe also released six new products as part of its Touch Apps to help create content for the new touchpad platforms. Touch Apps are components of Adobe Creative Cloud. With it, designers can share their work between desktop computers and tablet applications.

The Touch Apps include Adobe Photoshop Touch, which lets users transform images with core Photoshop features by using an app custom-built for tablets. Adobe Collage helps users capture and refine ideas and concepts by combining images, drawings, text, and Creative Suite files into conceptual “mood boards.” The vector-based drawing tool called Adobe Ideas lets you access finished results in Illustrator or Photoshop. Adobe Kuler generates color themes for Creative Suite projects. Adobe Proto enables the development of interactive wireframes and prototypes for websites and mobile apps that can be shared in popular browsers for immediate review and approval.


Smartphones, Too

Adobe Touch Apps are now available for Android devices. iOS availability is expected in early 2012. Access to the Adobe Creative Cloud is included in the price of each Adobe Touch App. Details will be announced soon regarding pricing of the Adobe Creative Cloud and its expanded capabilities around applications, services, and community.


John Giles is the author of “12 Secrets for Digital Success” and “The DTP PriceList”. He is a consultant and technology director for CPrint International. Contact him at 954-224-1942 or To order John’s books, visit