Mail Room: Ask Sandra

Sandra Long, vice president, Printer Market and Customer Development, Pitney Bowes, answers readers’ questions about mailing. Send your questions to her at

Q: What questions can I ask my print customers to up-sell basic print jobs to more revenue generating opportunities?

A: Asking the right question of your print customer is the best thing to do. Focus on questions that enable you to offer new value to your customer. Be certain these questions are directly related to your mailing and marketing capabilities. Sample questions include: Would you like to personalize and add color to this letter for a better response? To save you time, would you like us to complete the folding, inserting, and sealing of this print job for you? Should we calculate the cost savings if we transform this document into a self-mailer? Would you like us to add spot color or a QR code to drive response rates and activity to your website? Would you be interested in adding a QR code campaign with tracking to drive better results? How would incorporating a multi-channel approach help meet your companies objectives? How would having confirmation that your mail was sent and delivered benefit you? For example, would you like to know the date that your mailpieces are delivered to your prospects so you can follow up with a call or email? Would you like me to provide alternative design options that may reduce costs and/or drive response rates? To improve openability and response rates, would you like us to add color and graphics and messaging on the envelope to compliment the message inside?

Start by identifiying additional services that you can offer. From that, create a few basic questions in general categories such as mailpiece design, mail preparation, and tracking, for your employees to ask every customer. You might want to post your questions at your counter as well so they are not forgotten. Good luck!

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