Quick Consultant: New Wage & Benefit Study Released

As a pilot who has been flying for more than 25 years, when I first heard that there was a new application for the iPad 2 that could totally replace all the printed charts, graphs, and approach plates required by the FAA, I jumped at the chance.

If you own an iPad, I don’t have to convince you how fantastic these devices are. I’ve never been one of those Apple/Mac fanatics who carries a deep hatred for Bill Gates and any Windows product. I’ve always figured there was room for both. Nonetheless, I fell in love with the iPad, especially the GPS feature that depicts the location of my plane while in flight and provides me with every possible chart and map needed to conduct a safe flight.

Adding New Applications

Of course, like most iPad and iPhone users, I started downloading other applications as well; some very useful and others really stupid. One application qualifying under the latter category is one I downloaded for the family cat. Yes, that’s right, an application for Kitty!

Developed by a student at a university in Australia at the request of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), the application is titled, “RSPCA Cats.” It actually includes three interactive games for cats. My cat tells us she only likes the game involving mice.

OK, this is how it works. I select the application, place the iPad on the floor or on the bed. After it starts, a single mouse appears on the screen and it heads for a piece of cheese in the center. Upon seeing the mouse, the cat invariably either pounces on the IPad screen or smacks the mouse with its paw. If the mouse is hit, it disappears but is quickly replaced by another mouse, and then two, and then three. The game increases in speed and intensity and of course drives the cat absolutely crazy!

Left unattended, the game ends when either the cat dies from exhaustion, or the battery on the iPad dies. I think somebody ought to report this to the RSPCA. Oh, I forgot, they developed it!

Wage & Benefits Study Released

The new 116-page NAQP/NAPL 2012-2013 Quick Printing Wage & Benefits Study has just been released. A record number of 502 companies participated in the survey, and each received a complimentary PDF copy in return.

If you did not receive your PDF, you can go to my website at www.quickconsultant.com and follow the link next to the picture of the Wage & Benefit Study cover. If you’re not on that list and believe you participated, contact me privately via email.

The just-released study is packed with useful wage and salary information for 19 key positions in our industry. Wages are sorted and analyzed based upon population density, annual sales, sales per employee, profitability, and franchises versus independents.

The study provides both average and median wages; years of experience; average bonuses, if eligible and earned; and a range of wages within which 51 percent of respondents fell.

Compensation Practices for Sales Reps

One of the other special features on this biennial study is a 17-page section dealing with compensation practices for outside sales representatives. How much they typically sell, how much they are paid, their base salaries, and how commissions are calculated are just a few of the key subjects addressed in this study.

While, as a columnist, I want to share highlights of the study, I cannot reveal so much as to diminish the value of it, consequently discouraging the sale of this study to those who did not participate. Nonetheless, the chart on the next page shows just a few of the facts it uncovered. Note that I have provided corresponding data against what was reported in the last Wage Study:


Key Facts and Figures – 2007 vs. 2012 Wage Studies

                            Avg. 2007       Avg. 2012  

Annual Sales     $1,370,005      $1,993,262

Sales Per Employee      $123,239         $130,478

GM Hourly Wages (Med. Mkt.)           $26.17 $27.25

CSR Hourly Wages (Small Mkt.)          $12.87 $13.96

Bindery Sup. Wages (Large Mkt.)        $13.71 $16.60

Sales by Outside Sales Rep (OSR)       $500,559         $740,735

Comp. % Earned by OSR        14.9%  12.2%

The type of information contained in this study is invaluable, especially if you are approached by an employee inquiring about his or her eligibility for a raise, or when you attempt to fill a new vacancy.

What about sales reps? Are your sales reps up to par, or are they lagging in performance when compared to their peers? Are these reps underpaid or overpaid? The answers to these and dozens of other questions related to wages and salaries can be readily found in the new study.

The 2012-2013 Wage & Benefits Study is available for sale from NAPL at (www.myprintresource.com/10006811) or QP Consulting, Inc. (www.myprintresource.com/10111792). The price of the study is $155 for NAPL/NAQP members and $179 for non-members. Copies are available either as a hard copy or as a PDF. Orders are processed the same day as received and include shipping and handling.

John Stewart is president of Q.P. Consulting, Inc. Contact him at 2110 S. Dairy Road, West Melbourne, FL 32904, call 321-727-2444, email JohnStewart@quickconsultant.com. Visit his website at www.myprintresource.com/10111792. Read his blog at http://www.thequickconsultant.blogspot.com/ and www.MyPrintResource.com/blogs.