Mail Room: Ask Sandra

Q: How can I easily generate new leads for my new mailing services business?

A: Start by looking in your own mailbox at home and at your office. Look at your incoming mail very carefully and you will find great leads every week.

One great way to save your prospect postage dollars is to eliminate duplicates, especially if you are equipped to de-dupe address lists with address correction software. I will bet you receive duplicate mailpieces every week, like I do. You can also look for plain black-and-white envelopes that you can enhance with graphics and color. Or direct mail letters in your mailbox that you can transform into a beautiful personalized postcard. Ask your employees to bring in their direct mail from home.

In addition, pay attention to the websites and Facebook feeds from your very top prospects in your local community to be tuned in to new opportunities—special events and changes that will warrant a print and mail campaign, such as new products or announcements.

Of course, you should be looking at your current print jobs and asking which of those you can mail. Perhaps you can have a contest or a weekly review of the direct mail that your team wants to target. Call your prospect and ask for a face-to-face meeting to discuss how you can either save them money or improve their response rates. The opportunities are there, and you can find them by paying close attention to your inbound mail and your prospects’ other business communications. Good luck!

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