Application Spotlight: City Creek Center Shows its Style

It has been nine years in the making, but after months of speculation and downtown construction, Salt Lake City’s new City Creek Center was finally revealed to the public.

For the opening, the Taubman Company elicited the help of Ferrari Color to ensure the event was nothing short of a spectacle. This was achieved with five building murals placed around the downtown area.

“We partnered with the Taubman Company and the City Creek Center Management team to help give the center the uptown, classy feel that many have hoped to bring back to Salt Lake,” said Kirk Green, Ferrari Color CEO. The graphics were installed for six weeks in hopes of bringing in big numbers for the March 22 grand opening event.

Ferrari Color CIO, Dan Spangenberg, oversaw much of the technical development of the project. “The murals were printed using an advanced color-matching technology we developed for this installation,” said Spangenberg. “The technology, along with a combination of adhesive vinyl materials from 3M, ensured optimal image vibrancy.” These graphics add a splash of color to downtown and have already created a buzz in the surrounding area.

One mural, presented on the east side of the Key Bank building, pushes the edge for Ferrari Color’s largest created graphic banner. Beating out a Sacramento Kings mural that appeared on the CalSTRS building in 2010, this particular piece measures 68 feet wide and 183 feet high, covering over 13,000 square feet.