Print Farm Yields a Bountiful Harvest

2012 marks a big turning point for Print Farm, a Doral, Florida based full service commercial printer. For a 12-year-old upstart, the company has grown double digit every  year, even in a down economy. What is the secret to their success?  Print Farm President, Albert Alvarez attributes the success to sound business practices and a vision to expand slowly.  Mr. Alvarez set out on a mission that provides unique opportunities for printing in the South Florida area. The focus has been to have an even balance of many diverse customers and offer ALL of them a unique “Print Experience.”

Print Farm can be best labeled a “Boutique” Print Shop- in that, it caters to many diverse print projects. When asked why focus on these projects, Mr. Alvarez suggests that this often leads to bigger and more elaborate work. “ We often do small complicated business cards with die cuts and embossing.”  When a customer sees the execution and quality, they are usually sold!” “A dedication of building a solid reputation comes with time and many customers are hesitant to just jump in and give 100,000 brochures to print. “ We understand, that most customers want to kick the tires first- see what you can do, and we allow them to come see first hand what we can do with our experienced staff.” Doing these small, complicated things has allowed Print Farm to grow.

Albert Alvarez has a long diverse printing history that has evolved like his shop. “ I felt  print industry was a changing in a dramatic way, many new things came into play when I got into business. The MAIN one being the Internet” “In 2000, Internet printing was in its infancy and many start-ups were fighting for attention to offer CHEAP printing with UV coating.”

Print Farm saw a different vision for the Internet. It began to cater to its customer with a unique Internet experience that allowed total control of multiple print campaigns. Instead of offering the same services as the other 40 companies in the area, it began to offer unique custom catalogs that core customers could access to print their on-demand materials. All materials were there to change and proof.  This opened up doors to many other print opportunities never imaginable.

The continued flow of work everyday has expanded Print Farm from it’s modest 560 sq Ft beginning to its current work space of 9500 sq ft. The added space has allowed the expansion to a new upgraded press- a fully automated Komori LSX 24 x 29 5-color press with coater. “This press will put us on the map- because we can now turn out jobs even faster and more cost efficient” “We also will be better suited to do unique projects with the addition of a die cutter and laminator to round out our vast arsenal of unique printing equipment.”

PrintFarm will continue its growth because the core of it objectives, is to cater to it’s demanding customer base. “In this industry, you have to change with the times.” Print Farm expansion into other unique print areas and will offer more choices for customers to decide.

Mike DePaz is vice president of marketing and business development at PrintFarm, which is located at 3511 NW 74 Avenue, Miami, FL. Contact him at or 305-592-2895. Learn more about PrintFarm at