Family-Owned Business Celebrates 101 Successful Years

Winston Packaging, a fourth-generation family-owned printed paperboard packaging company located in Winston-Salem, NC, decided to celebrate the first year of its next century in style.

“During 2012, as we celebrate our 101st year in business, we are completing the largest equipment upgrade in our history, with the centerpiece being a new KBA (Booth 2227) Rapida 106 41" press as well as a new CtP device and a new 106 Bobst die-cutter,” says James Gordon, President and CEO of Winston Packaging. “All of these changes are designed to better position us for future growth as we invest in more productive assets for success in our second century. The KBA Rapida 106 will become the cornerstone of our new 106cm printing format as well as the workhorse in our upgraded pressroom.”


Thorough investigation

reveals winning product

After actively investigating the 40" to 41" printing press market for 18 months, Gordon and his management team decided to time their purchase to coincide with drupa 2012 to take advantage of the latest, most advanced technology.

“We were seeking a press that would provide us with faster changeovers and faster run speeds along with advanced color management to provide our customers with the best performing folding carton possible,” says Gordon. “We naturally checked out our incumbent press manufacturer, but given the format change, we opened the investigation to other reputable press manufacturers. After touring the KBA factory in Germany and visiting a live KBA production operation in the U.S., we believed that we had found the best press available in the 106 format. When you combined the professionalism of the KBA sales team and support staff along with the superior Rapida press features, we were convinced that we made the right decision in choosing the Rapida 106.”


Key product features

Several key factors contributed to the positive decision made by Gordon and his management team to purchase their first KBA press. In choosing the KBA Rapida 106 with a 41" (106cm) size, Winston Packaging realizes a larger sheet size than its current 102cm press from a different manufacturer. The larger sheet size, says Gordon, is more productive and efficient in terms of yields for the type of cartons that are used in its business segments.

“We have used the 102cm width as our standard printing and die-cutting format since 1979 by utilizing paired equipment in all the major processing areas,” explains Gordon. “In order to keep growing in a very competitive marketplace, we determined that the 106cm format would be a much better size to compete in the segments we have targeted. The larger format is a big deal for us because it helps with some of our existing business and better positions us in our targeted growth segments.”

“Winston Packaging has distinguished itself among its competitors by offering superior advantages and responding to customer demands,” says Gordon. “The folding carton industry is very competitive, so any advantage that you can develop will help, whether it reduces cost, shortens turn cycles or a combination of both. Our customers demand tight control of brand colors, quicker turn cycles, little or no inventory and, of course, the most competitive price. We believe that the KBA Rapida will give us that upper hand and allow us to offer the best combination to retain existing business and win new customers.”