Build Better Customer Communications: Strategies to Improve Effectiveness and Efficiencies

Driving better business results through customer communications is a hot topic at GRAPH EXPO. Today, customer communications need to work harder than ever—whether physical or digital. Postage and operational costs are high. Customer expectations are higher. For communications to be effective, every message must be relevant, accurate, and powerful—no matter what the channel.

Message integrity is also critical. Simple mistakes will turn off customers. In order to make the most of every customer touch-point, marketing and operations must design, execute, and deliver communications flawlessly. That requires collaboration among departments that may have competing priorities.

Success depends upon finding the right balance of efficiency and effectiveness. Several strategies and technology tools that can help include:

Connect the right message with the right customer through data and analytics. Sophisticated modeling, improved customer data quality, and segmentation using demographics and location intelligence enable more engaging, relevant communications.

Coordinate across channels for greater effectiveness. Thanks to variable printing, document composition software, and data analytics, branding can be maintained across platforms and messaging can be customized at the business unit level.

Consolidate content for higher efficiencies. Add cross-sell/up-sell or even important customer information messages directly to your existing communications. Not only will you avoid the cost of separate mailings, the variable content can be changed on the fly, allowing you to adapt to changing market needs.

Leverage the envelope to improve effectiveness of each piece. New in-line envelope printing techniques can increase open rates, including printing personalized, color messages and graphics on the outside of each envelope. Along with today’s envelope wrapping technologies, organizations can more cost-effectively produce mass mailings that have the look and feel of personal correspondence.

Leverage Transpromo marketing. While the concept of adding promotional messages to transactional documents has been around for a while, organizations can synchronize content on printed and digital documents, and even sell space to third-party advertisers using geospatial and demographic targeting.

Add variable color content to increase overall impact. Whether print or Web, one-size-fits-all content cannot match the relevance and response-generating abilities of personalized color messaging inside and outside the envelope. QR codes can also be deployed to point the customer to additional product information or to accelerate a customer call to action, such as to make a payment.

Producing complex documents with zero defects can be challenging. Many times, organizations worry about maintaining quality control and turn to a tried-and-true approach using several vendors to create, manufacture, and deploy physical communications. As you might expect, coordinating that process of one-to-one communications across platforms and multiple vendors can be difficult.

That’s why businesses often turn to experts who can provide end-to-end solutions that integrate marketing analytics, message design, print production, and mail implementation. By collaborating with the right communications solutions provider, it’s possible to:

Produce faster, smarter customer communications while reducing costs,

Build complex documents with superior quality and integrity, and

Leverage technology to more effectively target customer messages and coordinate efforts across multiple channels.

Using variable printing, communications can be efficiently personalized in color like never before—moving from a simple personalized address to 100% variable data content, including targeted messages. Companies can print one-to-one messaging on the fly, which means that businesses can implement changes or add timely information for their customers quickly. This is essential for strong customer communications management. Even envelopes, once a blank canvas for addressing, can now become masterpieces of promotion as technology allows for printing inside the envelope and exterior wrappers for enhanced personalization.

With the combination of file-based processing and variable data print, mailers can produce personalized, transactional communications in ultra-efficient high-volume batches. And because they produce their communications using only plain white paper and envelopes, they avoid costly inventory management and obsolescence. Using an end-to-end solution, marketing and operations teams can collaborate to make every communication more effective and deliver greater relevancy—and results.