The Envelope: As Fast as an Email from the Briefing to the Mailbox

Recipients of advertising messages want to have envelopes. As the battle for customers rages in letterboxes and email inboxes, the information and media company Nielsen confirms the advertising effect of the envelope. Interestingly, customers today expect both the value of a real envelope as well as the individualized approach of an email—while, in order to raise its significance for advertisers and agencies, direct mail must catch up with email in terms of efficiency. With the TIMail, W+D (Booth 3601) presents the solution for addressing customers in a high-quality, targeted, and highly efficient way: the fastest individualized direct mail piece in a real envelope.

Digitalization has brought about a flood of advertising messages. The attention of the customer is highly prized. Direct and targeted messages are much more likely to be noticed.


The printed envelope

According to a recent study by Nielsen, the printed envelope compared to email, self-mailers, wrappers, and the envelope is most effective for the purchase decision process. It generates the highest recall value and is opened and read most often—by 84.5%.

What’s crucial is that the printed envelope beats its competitor in ‘recommendation,’ which is the most important communication lever nowadays: no other form of mail is considered to have more value or motivates its recipients to spread its content to the same degree.


Young recipients prefer offline

What’s more, the results debunk a popular myth: 63.2% of the younger target groups (16-34 years)—including the digital natives—say that emails go unnoticed and that they appreciate an individually printed, physical envelope. The younger target groups want the best of both worlds: a real envelope and the customizability of an email.


The customized envelope must be as efficient as an email

“We know from experience that advertisers prefer traditional mailings in real envelopes,” says Phillip Schilling, Managing Director of RAPP Germany, an international advertising agency specialising in direct marketing. “However, for reasons of cost and efficiency, the market often prefers the quantity achieved through emails, rather than the quality of direct mails. The envelope will develop its position today if the customizability and the quality of the medium improves, while at the same time the efficiency gains of electronic communication are reduced.”

The fastest customized direct mail piece in a real envelope

TIMail is the world’s first direct mail product that combines the 1:1 customizability using digital 4-color print and the quality of an envelope with the worldwide first and fastest Totally-Integrated Mail Output Solution process. The TIMail allows you to address customers in a high-quality and targeted way, in a real envelope—it is as fast and efficient as an email.

“It is fascinating to see how two paper rolls can be turned into a ready-to-send individualized direct mail item within seconds. With the TIMail the printed envelope becomes the medium of choice for a high-quality, targeted and efficient sales approach.” Phillip Schilling, Managing Director, RAPP Germany is convinced.