C&D Printing Invests in End-to-End MIS Solution

When C&D Printing, based in Denver, CO, wanted a new MIS software solution to carry it into the future, co-owner Steve Larson turned to the Accura MIS soloution. C&D Printing is a general commercial litho, screen, and digital printer and employs 10 staff members. Larson shares his thinking surrounding his business decision.

Q: What was the situation before Accura was installed?

A: We were using a product called Franklin Estimator for a number of years.

Q: Why did you start looking for an MIS System?

A: We had hoped Franklin would carry us forward into the future with our business needs, but we could see limitations in the software.

We wanted an MIS to provide an end-to-end solution incorporating an e-commerce web portal, file submission, pre-flighting and generate pass/fail document for customer review. We also needed to streamline the back-office operation so we didn’t need to take-on a full-time pre-flighting employee.

Q. What prompted you to look at Accura?

A: Initially we discounted Accura because none of the other US printers we spoke to had heard of the program. We had numerous presentations from competitor products like EFI Pace, and were ready to make a buying decision. After a lengthy telephone call with our local Spicers sales consultant about the concept of a truly modular system like Accura, our interest peaked and we felt we had to take a closer look.

Q: Why did you ultimately decide to choose Accura?

A: We were very impressed by the “WebEx” introduction to Accura. We then realized that even after numerous demonstrations of EFi Pace, after hanging up the phone we were totally confused. Pace did not “flow” well, it was not logical and had too many options to check.

When we saw Accura it all made sense, it connected all the dots—this was something we could work with! The pricing of Accura was also very competitive com- pared to others, and had a must lower “cost-of-ownership” in terms of ongoing maintenance agreement.

We ordered a seven user Accura MIS in October 2011.

Q: How has Accura improved business for you?

A: Previously we never really knew the true costs of producing a job. Franklin based pricing on published price lists, market trends and averages. As Accura is based on “cost-plus” principles we now know our costs and mar-gins for each project BEFORE we agree the final price with the client... in today’s economy this is essential!

The new efficiencies gained with Accura will allow us to enjoy a ROI in less than twelve months! I can now spend less time working on estimates and have the confidence that jobs will be quoted accurately.

Q: Would you recommend Accura to other printers?

A: Yes! If you’re looking for a “best-in-class” print MIS written by printers, that can be installed and trained with such efficiency you can go live within one month; then I’d recommend you look at Accura. We were amazed to find such a complete solution at this price point.

Q. What plans do you have to expand the system?

A: We will be implementing the Stock Control (Inventory) module, and developing products for the e-commerce storefront next.