Higher Ed Print Shops Find Value in Presstek DI Digital Offset Presses

Colleges and universities are facing many financial challenges, ranging from skyrocketing tuition to the student loan crisis and declining state and federal funding. For in-plant print shops at these institutions, it is critical that they deliver value, remain profitable, and ensure a base of happy customers.

While some institutions may choose to outsource printing, others are taking advantage of the value a well managed in-plant operation can bring to the institution. Many in-plant operations are not only self-supporting but also contribute revenue to their host institutions.

Part of the value is a dedication to the success of the institution that may not be echoed in an outsourced operation. Whether they are a university auxiliary operation or a department of the university, these in-plant operations provide a level of service that can be difficult to achieve on a consistent basis with outside vendors, and they usually do so at significantly reduced cost levels, benefiting both users of on-campus printing services and the institution as a whole.

One way a growing number of college and university in-plant shops have found to increase their value to their host institution is the acquisition of a Presstek DI digital offset press (Booth 3417).


University of Southern Indiana Publishing Services

Although Publishing Services has a right of first refusal on all university printing, the university was outsourcing 75 to 85% of its color work because the in-plant operation was unable to produce it cost-effectively. Director Leslie Parker and Assistant Director of Publishing Terri Bischoff decided that a Presstek 52DI digital offset press would be capable of handling the 4-color printing based on run lengths, sheet size, and quality requirements, eliminating the need to outsource color work.

Bischoff and Parker were particularly attracted by the 52DI’s automated performance, and its small environmental and physical footprint. Bischoff indicates that the press, with its small footprint as compared to other offset press options, fit perfectly into the shop and met stringent environmental sustainability requirements with its chemistry-free platemaking, reduced makeready waste, and waterless printing.

University of Colorado, Boulder

CU Imaging Services was seeing a growing demand for longer run (in excess of 1,000 sheets) 4-color work that was too costly to produce on its existing HP Indigo digital press and was looking for a solution. In addition, to meet the university’s environmental policy requirements and to fit into its limited space, Imaging Services needed a press with a small physical and environmental footprint. The shop’s goal was to increase its approximately 20% share of the university’s printing volume to at least 30% with a more competitive production platform.

CU Imaging Services could justify the acquisition of a Presstek 34DI digital offset press based solely on existing 1,000+ run lengths it was able to transfer from its HP Indigo press. With the Presstek 34DI in place, Imaging Services is on its way to a more profitable operation as well as on a path to environmentally sustainable growth.


Penn State University

Penn State University’s Multimedia & Print Center (MPC) installed a Presstek 52DI digital offset press to expand the range of materials it produces in-house, to improve its service offerings, and to reduce outsourcing.

The shop offers many benefits to the university, including convenience, an understanding of the school’s culture, and lower costs. The Presstek DI complements MPC’s existing digital toner press and allows the center to better serve the university’s printing needs.


University of Nebraska Medical Center

This in-plant operation was losing a large amount of work due to its lack of a 4-color press. To help justify the purchase of a new press, a detailed survey of the client base was conducted. As a result, the university selected a Presstek 34DI for its superior quality level and price. Three employees have been trained to run the press, including one with no previous offset experience. Today, the University of Nebraska Medical Center is cost-effectively producing award-winning work in runs between 1,000 and 10,000.


Cal Poly Pomona

This in-plant acquired a Presstek 34DI digital offset press which eliminated three older 2-color presses. With its blend of digital, DI and conventional offset, the shop is now equipped to handle just about anything that comes its way and uses the DI press primarily for runs of 2,500 to 20,000 sheets. The DI has also enabled a number of new applications that allow the shop to better serve the university, and to eliminate outsourcing. Bringing work back in-house has offered the department greater control over job turnaround and quality, reduced the cost to clients and improved overall service levels.


Adding value

In today’s tough environment, adding value is key for college and university in-plants. The examples presented here show how savvy in-plant managers are turning to Presstek’s DI technology to affordably and profitably meet the changing needs of their constituents while continuing to deliver the utmost in value to their host institution.