Hybrid is the New Digital

drupa years are always exciting and this year was no different. For those who were not able to attend, much of the new technology is on display at GRAPH EXPO 2012. Many industry pundits agreed that this was the “hybrid” drupa, including front-end and back-end solutions as well as print engines themselves. As the industry continues its transition from analog to digital, a growing number of hybrid options are available to ease that transition, especially in the world of B2 or half-sized sheetfed presses.

Why is this important? Offset has a long and successful history and it is not going anywhere soon. However, there is no question that run lengths and turnaround times continue to decline while demands for quality grow. These hybrid solutions address these requirements by adding digital components that speed up the workflow without any sacrifice in quality.

One example is the Presstek 75DI digital offset press (Booth 3417). This B+ (6-up) sheetfed press, available in configurations from four to 10 colors, goes from digital file to printed sheet in six minutes, including the imaging of all chemistry-free plates on press in precise register. This not only reduces the amount of time from file to sellable sheets, but it significantly reduces makeready waste. Its high level of automation means consistent quality, within each job and job to job.

For even more quality assurance, Presstek Virtuoso can be added to the press. Virtuoso performs a complete inspection of each sheet while the press is running at production speed, saving time and money and providing a more stable print run. Advanced reporting and data collection supports process improvement and enhanced customer service.

Even more exciting is the ability to mount inkjet imaging heads creating a hybrid printing system that combines two digital technologies to create one optimized system for addressing, numbering, bar coding, addition of targeted promotional information and other variable data applications while still maintaining the ultra high quality and extreme automation that are signature DI press capabilities.

The press also supports automatic perfecting and UV curing options. A UV curing unit can be installed in the delivery section of the press or over the impression cylinder of each unit, making possible high-value-added printing on specialty substrates such as film, metalized paper and other non-absorptive media, as well as lenticular printing. In addition to adding value to printed materials, such as surface protection and glossy finishes, UV printing also shortens drying time for faster finishing and delivery of high quality printed materials.

Are you making the move to hybrid? It’s the way the industry is going. Come see Presstek at booth 3417 at GRAPH EXPO to learn more about your hybrid future!