EU Services Finds Going Green Increases Profitability

EU Services, is a leading direct mail marketing services provider located in Rockville, MD, that was founded over 40 years ago. Its stated mission is to transform ideas into innovative, cost-effective, and customized direct mail marketing solutions that will deliver the results its customers are looking for. This veteran-owned, profitable organization is based on a rich history of customer care and a long held commitment to the community and the environment.

EU Services sets a high standard when it comes to protecting and reducing its impact on the environment. It uses recycled materials whenever possible, reduces their own waste, purchases 100% Green-e Certified wind electricity, and utilizes environmentally friendly products and systems. EU Services has made a commitment to understanding and evaluating its environmental performance, therefore; providing an example for its suppliers, customers and competitors to follow.

To this end, EU Services looked for areas of concern in its manufacturing operations. As business grew, the amount of chemicals used in the manufacturing process increased proportionally. This had a negative impact on its business. The amount of waste hauling required, as well as the amount of VOCs emitted by the plant, increased in proportion to its business growth. In addition, company officials knew that the amount of discharge could make compliance with local environmental regulations more problematic. In the process, EU Services also looked at its manufacturing process for ways to reduce paper consumption and overall paper waste.

It turned to its Prisco (Booth 201) representative to suggest solutions. To reduce the amount of waste solvent hauled away from the plant, it installed a PriscoTech SolvKlene II Solvent Recycler. The SolvKlene processes waste solvent after the press washing process and returns clean solvent that can be reused in future cleaning cycles. As EU Services uses a water miscible wash, the PriscoTech SolvKlene separates the water and contaminants from the solvent during the process.

Tom Loudon, VP of Operations, remarked that “the SolvKlene is amazing; we should have purchased this years ago. It has offered us a very easy return on our investment.” Before installation, EU Services was having its waste hauler remove an average of 450 gallons of solvent per month from the plant. The PriscoTech SolvKlene II drastically reduced the amount waste requiring disposal to about 250 gallons every three months.

Ford James, Safety and Security Manager for EU Services, said, “Our recent installation of Prisco’s SolvKlene has proven to be one of the best environmental investments EU Services has made. We realized significantly reduced hazardous material waste costs and shipments and, in addition, reduced our potential liability for a spill when transporting the material. EU is able to recover and reuse 85% or more of the solvent and water recovered in the SolvKlene unit, resulting in fewer purchases of virgin solvent and reduced plant VOCs. The investment in Prisco’s SolvKlene dovetails with EU Services’ commitment to become more sustainable and reduce its impact on the environment.”

To address the issue of fountain solution volume, EU Services acquired a FloClear from Prisco. The FloClear allows it to extend the time between fountain solution replacements, thus allowing for more press uptime as well as reducing the amount of solution used and disposed of.

The firm also took advantage of the opportunity to stabilize the water temperature and further filter its fountain solution. Installation of the PriscoTech AquaChill II Fountain Solution Chiller and Circulator allows for more consistent fountain solution temperatures. EU Services has found that this has resulted in better press control. It has been able to reduce production waste, press downtime, and is able to achieve an increase in print quality. Loudon stated, “The AquaChill is a solid piece of equipment, which has been running strong for the last year and a half.”

EU Service has seen that striving for a reduced carbon footprint and impact on the environment resulted in measurable improvements in quality and its bottom line profitability—a win/win situation for EU Services and our planet.