BR Printers Looks to Ricoh's Infoprint 5000 for Book Production Efficiencies

BR Printers is an international manufacturer of digitally printed materials, and their customers include higher education custom publishers, corporate training and product documentation departments. They produce and sell books, training materials, marketing pieces, as well as provide fulfillment services. BR Printers is a global leader in the manufacturing of printed materials, built upon the strength of their just-in-time production.


The paradigm shift in the book printing industry has weakened demand for long runs of books but created new opportunities for short runs. To satisfy the high quality and run-time demands of these customers, BR Printers needed a printer with impressive color quality, high speeds, versatility and low downtime.

Additionally, BR Printers wanted to consolidate many of its cutsheet printers in order to streamline its operations and cut costs. Thus, the customer also needed strong versatility as part of the solution in order to handle jobs running on its current fleet.

The Solution

BR Printers chose the InfoPrint 5000 to handle short runs of books because of the printer’s impressive color quality, high speeds, flexibility and low downtime. The solution put BR Printers in a position to deliver cost-effective, high-quality output that would satisfy both current and future customers.

As part of its exhaustive, competitive search, a team from BR Printers visited Ricoh in Boulder for a demonstration of the InfoPrint 5000. They spoke with members of the development team, who explained the technical innovations built into the InfoPrint 5000. A few of the innovations that impressed the team from BR Printers include:

  • the unique piezo-electric, drop-on-demand, inkjet technology with multi-bit per spot for every object on the page;
  • high-quality, water-based pigment and dye inks designed to resist fading and smearing to optimize the appearance of the output while minimizing the ink consumed;
  • support for PostScript and PDF; and,
  • accurate, consistent and device-independent color-rendering that enables error recovery, concise auditability and security benefits.

Convinced that the InfoPrint 5000 would allow it to revamp its operations and give it the flexibility and reliability needed to meet its customers’ color and monochrome needs, BR Printers signed a contract in February 2011.

The Results

Immediately after installation, the InfoPrint 5000 provided cost-savings for BR Printers. Previously, the company was using Xerox cutsheet offerings. By replacing these cutsheet models with the InfoPrint 5000, BR Printers was able to realize bottom-line increases instantly and enhance the quality of their color output.

The customer was impressed with the solid support Ricoh demonstrated during the installation, the timing of which had to be ramped up to meet an extremely tight deadline. A team of Ricoh management, development, maintenance, as well as a third-party supplier, traveled to Kentucky as needed to ensure the system would perform optimally in time for the spring book-printing season. Training was arranged to help the printer operators at BP Printers move quickly through the learning curve of converting from a variable-speed cutsheet operation to continuous forms. When BP Printers was ready to produce its first short-run book order, so was the InfoPrint 5000.

“It was important for us to re-evaluate our operations to find ways to upgrade our equipment and enhance our output quality – keeping our customers’ needs our top priority. With the InfoPrint 5000, we’ve seen speed and capacity increases of up to 25 percent, and we now have the ability to provide high quality, short-run book printing directly from our facilities. Overall, this has given us the opportunity to broaden our client base while also improving overall revenue and profitability,” says Hugh Loveless, Sales Manager, BR Printers.