eMessaging for Today’s Multi-Channel Marketplace

Computers, smartphones, and tablets are reshaping our thinking about communications. For businesses, these technologies present an opportunity to connect with customers and drive new business through programs that feature personalized offers targeted at each individual customer.

Younger generation consumers expect your business will communicate with them how and where they want, and are choosing to use their smart mobile devices. Other customers may prefer to receive a physical mailpiece, and yet another segment prefers to receive Web-based communications.


How do you satisfy them all?

There’s no doubt that implementing a multi-channel messaging solution will provide you with a lot of value and options—the question is how you should do it. The decision will come down to an analysis of skills, time to market, costs, and the ability to have a service that extends and improves existing systems for print and electronic presentment.

Bell and Howell’s (Booth 2610) eMessaging IQ services address the challenges of developing a multi-channel communications platform, and enable the delivery of personalized bills, statements, and marketing pieces by leveraging existing customer data.

The BH Web Mail service enables you to provide email notification of statements that link to a branded site. It also provides employees with a secure portal so that your customer service representatives can access user statements, perform account management tasks and reporting, and optimize end user support.

The BH Mobile Mail service extends a Web presentment solution by providing a branded mobile application. It is compatible with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices. Users can access summary information, make payments, review statement details, and marketing promotions.

All of its eMessaging IQ solutions are hosted in a secure, industry-certified data center that features proactive monitoring of service performance and availability. Physical access is controlled to ensure system security.

Our solutions enable mailers to offer e-statements and bills with either the same look and feel as your current printed statements, or be completely redesigned in a format that takes advantage of digital technologies.

With this service, you can segment your customers based on selected demographic, account, or transaction information. These profiles can be used to develop targeted marketing messages.

Our solution manages customer delivery preferences, and includes innovations for companies looking to streamline and extend their ability to deliver information how and where their customers want.