EFI Fiery Technology Powers Multi-Media Offerings from Influent Solutions

Influent Solutions is a cutting edge, digital publisher offering multiple, integrated communications solutions. The company, based in Las Vegas, serves many local and national businesses along with well-known celebrities and music artists.



When Marc Finkel founded Influent Solutions in 2009, the business was focused on providing standard print products and photo books. While traditional printing is still a part of its offerings, the company has evolved into a provider of multi-media, multi-touch products. Most notably, Influent Solutions has pioneered books and mailings that include video content. With this new focus came the need for powerful digital printing technology.



Influent Solutions selected an EFI Fiery Driven Xerox iGen4 (Booth 2000) to meet production requirements.

“I selected the Fiery-driven iGen printer because of its blazing fast RIP, outstanding, consistent color, and simple user interface,” says Finkel. He was familiar with the Fiery server’s RIP and powerful automation tools. “The Fiery RIP offers tremendous flexibility and the variable data printing features work great with our applications. In addition, the iGen’s longer press sheet lets us offer customers more options, such as three-panel folded brochures.”

“Ninety percent of our business comes from referrals, so it’s important to have high quality, which we achieve with the EX Print Server, powered by Fiery and the iGen4.”

Influent Solutions’ video books and cards are all printed on the Fiery-driven iGen. Video books are designed online using templates available for weddings, birthdays, hobbies, and other categories. The video portion can include two to 50 hours of content with an integrated loudspeaker and USB drive.



“Fiery technology has the horsepower and color quality that we need, and provides real strategic benefits. It has enabled us to greatly increase our productivity and efficiency, and is helping us get closer to our goal of printing 1,000 video books per day,” comments Finkel. “The color requirements for these books are stringent, and there is a lot of personalized content. The Fiery RIP handles all of these demands with ease.”

Influent Solutions press operators also rely on EFI (Booth 2000) Fiery Command WorkStation, Fiery Spot-On, Hot Folders, and Calibration.

Fiery Command WorkStation is the intuitive and flexible job management and user interface that centralizes the entire print workflow, connecting to all Fiery servers on the network. Advanced job management tools provide operators with the necessary control to schedule jobs to reduce bottlenecks and minimize downtime, while job submission features reduce set-up time and automate manual tasks and repetitive workflows.

“Command WorkStation helps us be more productive and efficient, saving valuable time and money,” said Finkel.

The company is impressed with the Fiery server’s color controls. Spot color reproduction is built-in to the server in Fiery Spot-On, enabling the most flexible and accurate tools for achieving the best match for Pantone colors or any other specialty colors to ensure corporate colors are always right.

“We are very impressed with spot color matching, and the ability to match the quality of offset-produced colors,” said Finkel. “We recently printed wedding invitations on the iGen with a same-day turnaround, and the customer was very happy with the quality.”

Influent Solutions also regularly uses the Fiery Hot Folders tool and Calibration. Fiery Hot Folders automate document preparation, helping the company to meet tight turnaround times.

To help further automate and streamline their operations, Finkel is currently installing the EFI PrintSmith print management system. “Once our Fiery-driven printer is connected to PrintSmith we’ll have a ability to drive automation in our workflow,” he says.