Pictura Boosts Sustainability and New Business with the HP Scitex LX850

Challenge: Pictura Graphics sought to offer more printing capabilities to environmentally conscious customers and build upon its sustainably focused business model.

Solutions: The HP Scitex LX850 Industrial Printer features HP Latex Inks that require no special ventilation and produce odorless prints. HP Photo-realistic Poster Paper and a greater printing width allowed Pictura to take on new work that wasn’t possible before. HP’s Large-format Media take-back program makes it easy and free to recycle several HP printing materials.

Results: Pictura’s business has grown by about one to two percent in total sales, thanks in part to its addition of the HP Scitex LX850 Industrial Printer. Higher resolution, greater width, and double-sided printing4 help Pictura offer a greater variety of applications. Pictura produced 100 percent recyclable signage for the 2011 Sustainable Brands Conference.

“Integrating sustainability into your business has to come from the top,” explains Paul Lilienthal, president and CEO of Pictura Graphics. “But there are so many characteristics of what a sustainable business is. You have to want it, believe in it.”

Pictura specializes in retail point-of-purchase graphics, exhibits, events, and specialty applications. This Minneapolis, Minnesota-based company was also the first printer in the United States to earn certification from the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership. To achieve certification, Pictura had to rethink every level of its business—from purchasing decisions and operations, all the way to production and sales.

“Our Sustainable Green Printing certification is very important to our business,” Lilienthal says. “It can attract major brands and retailers that are looking for a credible partner to execute a sustainable graphics program.”

Pictura recently purchased an HP Scitex LX850 Industrial Printer with unique water-based HP Latex Inks that require no special ventilation1 and do not require hazard warning labels. The solution helps improve the printing environment for Pictura’s operators, while delivering impressive quality and new applications. The HP Scitex LX850 has also enabled Pictura to win new business, contributing to a onet o two percent increase in total sales.

Attracting new business

The HP Scitex LX850 helps Pictura differentiate itself and attract new customers. HP Latex Inks produce odorless prints2 that are perfect for sensitive indoor environments. Pictura also uses HP recyclable media, along with HP’s Large-format Media take-back program,3 to offer its customers recyclable signage solutions.

“The HP Scitex LX850 improves our product offerings and the material solutions we offer to our customers, while also helping us become more sustainable and ‘closed loop’ in terms of recyclability,” Lilienthal says. “HP has combined its recycling initiatives with its industry-leading printing technology. It’s going to be a better solution for us to take our green product offerings to the next level.”

The printer is compatible with a wide range of recyclable HP printing materials that Pictura’s customers can return to HP for recycling after they are finished with them. Today, Pictura uses HP Backlit Polyester Film, HP HDPE Reinforced Banner, and HP DuPont™ Tyvek® Banner, all of which are recyclable through the take-back program. Lilienthal says that Pictura plans to use these materials as much as possible, giving customers who want to reduce the environmental impact of their print jobs one more reason to choose Pictura.

Amazing quality, greater width

Beyond reducing the environmental impact of Pictura’s product offerings, the HP Scitex LX850 meets high benchmarks in quality and production, with up to 1200 dpi resolution and six-color printing. HP Latex Inks deliver the performance Pictura needs to meet customer expectations for image quality.

The HP Scitex LX850 can also produce double-sided4 banners with minimal operator intervention. And with a printing width of up to 126 in (320 cm), Pictura can offer new applications not possible with solvent technology.

“Thanks to the wider print swath and HP Photo-realistic Poster Paper, we were immediately able to put new work on the machine that we hadn’t been able to do before,” Lilienthal says.

Easy media recycling

With HP’s Large-format Media take-back program,3 Pictura can offer its customers added value. Through the program, print service providers and their customers can return used HP polyester- or polyethylene-based signage to HP for recycling—for free. Customers can simply visit www.hp.com/recycle to print a postage-paid mailing label.

HP and Pictura put the take-back program to use at the 2011 Sustainable Brands Conference, held in June in Monterey, California. The conference brings together companies from around the world to focus on sustainable innovation as a driver of business and brand value. Both HP and Pictura sponsored the event.

“We were shooting for zero waste at the conference,” says Marianne Condrup, executive producer at Sustainable Life Media, the company that produced the conference. “We had a team of amazing students helping us sort waste and planning for the waste streams. There’s a lot of planning that goes into this event, and that’s the essence of reaching zero waste. It’s all in the planning.”

Pictura used HP printers to produce banners and signage for the conference. At the end of the event, the banners and signage were boxed, labeled, and shipped to HP for recycling.

Lilienthal says that with the HP Scitex LX850, Pictura is poised to attract new clients and continue its growth and reputation for sustainability. Pictura’s clients have already expressed excitement over the machine’s output.

“With the HP Scitex LX850, we’ve found immediate business opportunities. We knew going into the purchase that we needed a device that would not only gain us new business but also retain business,” he says. “The device has done exactly what we needed it to do.”