Delivering Big Savings to Small Mailers

How does an experienced printing and mailing professional with a passion for delivering big cost savings to small mailers keep profits in check? Just ask Thad Ludwiczak. Ludwiczak runs, a print and mailing company in Minneapolis. He builds business—and profits—serving small mailers. “Right now, 98% of our customers are small mailers. Some of our customers’ mailings average as few as 200 pieces. The big mail shops won’t even touch them,” explained Ludwiczak.

Small mailers face full-size challenges

In the eyes of the big mail shops, mailing jobs that average 500 pieces or less are simply too small. Even when they do accept these small mailings, they rarely provide feedback about ways to help lower postal rates. Small organizations unknowingly pay higher postal rates, incur unnecessary returned mail fees and experience less than optimal campaign results.

“That’s where comes in. We’ve built our business serving these small mailers. We help our customers improve the efficiency of their mailings and try to help them save money on postage in the process, no matter how small the job,” said Ludwiczak.

Small mailings add up for success

Building a successful business based on serving the needs of small mailers takes flexibility, efficiency and a low margin for error. The secret to profitability depends on the ability to keep quality high, costs low and winning frequent repeat business. To keep customers coming back, Ludwiczak makes exceptional customer service a priority.

To do so, he employs the best talent, acquires the right equipment and relies on Bulk Mailer mailing software from Satori Software (Booth 4819). “Before working with Satori Software, we worked with a competitor, but they only offered one part of the solution. We needed a great product and customer service to back it up,” said Ludwiczak. “We investigated a lot of options and Satori Software came out on top. We’ve been using Bulk Mailer for over a year now. It is sophisticated. It does everything we need and more.”

Bulk Mailer is the right software solution for mailings large and small. makes use of its address correction, real-time* move updates and list cleansing to improve mail deliverability and reduce returned mail fees. Easy to learn and use, it helps speed processing time.

Superior service and lower rates

In addition to Bulk Mailer, Ludwiczak counts on Satori Software for product support to solve technical problems. This level of customer service was not available from his previous vendor. “It was really difficult to work with that vendor because getting a real person to answer the phone was very hard,” explained Ludwiczak.

Working together for lower rates

Ludwiczak uses Walk Sequence processing to help qualified mailings achieve maximum discounted saturation and high-density postal rates. “Using Walk Sequence helps us save one of our customers $50,000 a year in postage,” stated Ludwiczak. Incorporating current Walk Sequence data enables a list to be sorted into the order of an individual postal carrier’s route.

Positioned for growth

Bulk Mailer and Walk Sequence help Ludwiczak maintain a robust mailing operation. Time savings allow him to bring in even more business. “The solutions, time and expertise Satori Software delivers has been greatly appreciated,” said Ludwiczak. “These products are powerful.”

*As a nonexclusive NCOALink Full Service Provider Licensee, Satori Software receives weekly NCOALink updates from USPS.

For more information about Bulk Mailer or Walk Sequence, visit Satori Software at GRAPH EXPO Booth 4819.