Evolv Solutions Creates Cross-Media Magazine and Increases Site Traffic Nearly 100%

The challenge

Evolv Solutions, LLC, a versatile document management company, created a dedicated online network called MBEConnect for minority- and women-owned enterprises. The objective was to provide a community where they could interact with one another and their corporate partners, as well as provide exposure for their business. It was an amazing success right from the start—so successful that they soon launched MBEConnect Profiles Magazine, an online magazine designed to increase awareness of these businesses through in-depth profiles.

With demand growing, Evolv Solutions needed another way to showcase this content and decided to create a printed version of the magazine for distribution at conferences and trade shows. It was essential that the print version capture all the rich graphics and ultra-bright colors of the online edition. At the same time, the company was looking to grow its business—an opportunity which the magazine provided—as there was a fee for every company profiled and for any requested reprints. The owners were confident they could make this transition from online to print…by leveraging their existing partnership with Xerox (Booth 1200).

The solution

Evolv Solutions worked closely with Xerox to develop a single layout in Adobe InDesign that worked for both online and print versions of the magazine. By partnering early in the process, they quickly learned that the Xerox 700 Digital Color Press with an EX Print Server powered by Fiery could handle every aspect of producing the magazine—from the cover and interior pages to the color consistency on short runs needed for reprint orders. To ensure a consistent look throughout the magazine, Xerox Color Xpressions 100-pound stock was used for the cover and 80-pound stock for the inside pages. Finishing was then completed offline on a Vijuk stitcher.

The results

Within two months of launching the printed version of MBEConnect Profiles Magazine, traffic to Evolv Solutions’ website nearly doubled. What’s more, calls and emails to the businesses featured in the magazine increased significantly—with similar feedback reported from the magazine’s sponsors. For Evolv Solutions, this means more reprint orders from the profiled businesses, which contribute directly to their bottom line.

The once bi-monthly print version of MBEConnect Profiles Magazine has been so successful that it will now be published on a monthly basis, creating even more revenue and growth opportunities. To simplify the reordering process for customers, Evolv Solutions is now working with their Xerox team on setting up a Web-to-print storefront, which will save the company valuable time, money and resources that can be put toward creating an impressive lineup of upcoming publications. They are also looking into leveraging variable data for future issues to make the content even more relevant to each reader as well as help them expand into global markets.