51% Response Rate Makes 1:1 Cross Media Campaign Shine for QuantumDigital

The challenge

QuantumDigital, Inc., wanted to share their thought leadership in multi-channel marketing and gain wider recognition for their full-service marketing capabilities. To meet this goal, they decided to host a Marketing Innovation and Discovery Summit and invite executive leaders from top agencies and retail brands. This event would not only educate these high-level decision makers about the changing landscape of marketing communications, but it would secure one-on-one time with each participant to develop strategic business partnerships.

To attract this difficult-to-impress audience, QuantumDigital launched a highly personalized, multi-touch, cross media campaign. The creative elements had to be strategic, integrated and flawlessly produced. With the right expertise and a strong 20-year relationship with Xerox (Booth 1200), QuantumDigital was confident they had the resources needed.

The solution

The campaign leveraged the musical heritage of Austin, TX, and incorporated 1:1 postcards, emails, a poster, invitation booklets and personalized URLs and QR codes. The first event teaser went out four months prior to the summit in the form of a holiday greeting card. A save-the-date desktop calendar followed a few weeks later and was supported by pre-invitation emails. The first official event invitation was delivered in the form of an attractive concert poster, inviting recipients to register via a PURL or by scanning a unique QR code. The second invitation, in the form of a personalized booklet, arrived six weeks before the event and included details such as speakers and session topics as well as links to a registration webpage.

QuantumDigital used MindFire software (Booth 1064) to create personalized URLs and unique QR codes. Then, to integrate those elements as well as other variable data into the layouts, QuantumDigital utilized its robust XMPie PersonalEffect (Booth 1200) cross-media software.

To ensure every piece was produced with the best quality possible, QuantumDigital worked closely with Xerox to test a variety of attractive substrates, finally choosing Wausau Chalice Silver paper. Once testing was complete, files were sent to the Xerox iGen4 EXP Press with Xerox FreeFlow Print Server for production. The 26" sheet capability of the iGen4 EXP press made it easy and efficient to print the personalized posters and multi-up save-the-date cards.

The results

The recipients were blown away by the campaign and provided positive feedback. QuantumDigital generated an amazing 51% response rate, with 38% responding via the PURL and 26% through the use of the QR code. Together, these fueled a conversion rate of 33%, which maximized attendance at this high-level summit.

Not only did QuantumDigital attract their most sought-after prospects, but more than 100 people watched the live-stream coverage of the two-day event.

Business results were immediate. Within one week, QuantumDigital brought in $90,000 in new business and contracted with several large agencies in the following weeks. As further validation of its success, this campaign claimed the most votes from members of the Xerox Premier Partners Global Network, awarding QuantumDigital the 2011 Printers’ Choice Award.