Printers Save Time and Money by Choosing the Right Digital and Offset Papers

Digital and offset printing papers are manufactured to different specifications, and understanding those differences can save printers substantial time and money. If you don’t have that expertise in house, don’t worry. Your local paper distributor can and should fill the gap. xpedx has that knowledge and is just a phone call away. 

The differences

Today’s digital substrates are produced in sizes and grain direction, and engineered specifically to various model digital presses. Some will work across multiple digital processes, including Endurance Digital, available exclusively through xpedx (Booth 1646). Often, digital printers require special surface treatment for dry toner, liquid toner or inkjet applications. Digital grades of paper are made to specific caliper and moisture levels, precision-cut to digital sheet sizes or rolls. These characteristics are critical for runability, productivity and consistent performance on digital presses. As digital press technology advances, so do the paper and synthetic substrate specifications to assure best quality imaging and efficiency.  

The risks

Using offset quality paper on digital presses creates a host of risks including:

  • contaminating digital presses with fiber dust or debris from print surface degradation
  • productivity problems with out of tolerance sheet size, from being out of square or the wrong grain direction
  • ink drying
  • rub resistance or toner fusion problems
  • sheet feed and/or post press finishing blocking, cracking or curl.

Extra cost in waste, labor, press time, and inferior image quality and durability, order delays and poor service can result from any of these risks. 

The xpedx solution

Showcase Digital along with Endurance Digital are both available exclusively through xpedx.  Showcase Digital is a line of pressure sensitive paper and vinyl manufactured for both toner and HP Indigo application. Endurance Digital is the right coated product and value with consistent digital equipment performance and 10 percent PCW, FSC and HP Indigo certifications.  xpedx is the exclusive distributor of the full line of Appleton Coated Utopia Inkjet coated products, optimized for high-speed digital inkjet web platforms.  Web ink jet rolls are now available in various finishes including Gloss, and weights for book publishing, direct mail and commercial print applications. All xpedx exclusive digital brands are properly manufactured for optimal performance on specified presses.

For your next project, consider all the risks and differences described above to determine the proper paper needed to create the desired print. Your knowledge of digital and offset papers combined with xpedx’s exclusive products will deliver the optimal final product to your clients.