Mail Room: Ask Sandra

Sandra Long, vice president, Printer Market and Customer Development, Pitney Bowes, answers readers' questions about mailing. Send your questions to her at

Q: Is there anything new I can do to add greater value to direct mail pieces that have permit indicia?

A: The USPS has a new program called the “Picture Permit Imprint Indicia”, which allows mailers to include color images of a business-related design such as a logo or trademark. The postage costs are slightly higher, but it might well be worth it for your customers. Currently first class mail is a one-cent add on and standard mail is two additional cents. The Intelligent Mail barcode with the full service option is required.

You may want to also offer mail tracking services to this customer because if they want to pay extra for color images it is a good sign that it is a high value mail piece worth tracking. Speak to your mailing supplier for options on picture permit printing and mail tracking. You can also use this website for more information:

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