Magifoto Selects LumaPix / FullScale for Best-of-Breed Web to Print solution

Magifoto is a 35 year photo retail chain in the Colombian market, providing top quality photographic products.

Challenge 1: Retail walk-up design

Magifoto’s retail stores offered walk-up photobook design services, but the process wasn’t at top efficiency; the time taken to design customer photo books was starting to impact delivery times and the cost effectiveness of this line of product.

Magifoto’s R&D group set out to find an easy to use, robust software solution that would reduce their processing time and differentiate their offering.

Solution 1: FotoFusion

Magifoto explored dozens of solutions from around the world and experimented with designing their own solution. Gabriel summarizes:

After months of testing demos, our designers easily decided on LumaPix's FotoFusion software. The ease of use and versatility gave us just what we were looking for. We now have FotoFusion installed in all of our stores nationwide and have cut our design time from hours to just minutes per product, which at the end is a benefit to our customers.

Opportunity 2

Encouraged by their success, Magifoto took the project a step further.

Magifoto created a child company called Imprecomercial to act as a hub receiving projects channeled through hundreds of FotoFusion licenses from top photographers, graphic designers and publicity companies across the country. These projects were printed on HP Indigo printing systems and finished by highly skilled handicraftsmen, with outstanding results.

Could this pipeline be expanded beyond a bricks and mortar channel? Magifoto wanted to provide their online customers with the quality of products that professional photographers had access to. The goal was for their customers to log on to the Imprecomercial site, select the type of project they want to design (Photobooks, calendars, and other personalized products), upload their pictures, populate and personalize their choice of pre-designed templates, and then finalize their purchase with a credit card.

Solution 2: FullScale

Magifoto selected the FullScale solution - the best-of-breed web-to-print solution based on LumaPix technology.

Gabriel comments:

No need to download software, no complicated installs, and best of all, the fastest and easiest process we found amongst photobook printing companies from around the world. We like showing off the speed at which pictures are loaded for a customer to start their design. We've compared this to any other site's speed and there's simply no comparison. We're working with our designers to expand our available templates and include a vast amount of options such as wedding, travel, religious events, birthdays, family gatherings and many more templates. Full Scale's ability to make it easy for the customer is unmatched.

The company behind the technology

The LumaPix team was a factor in Imprecomercial’s choice.

"The ease of working with the LumaPix team on any of their acquired solutions was an added bonus," says Gabriel Trujillo is Magifoto’s General Manager. "Working with an incredible team who provides support and answers no matter how simple or complex on any given day including weekends gave us the support we needed. The language barrier and distance was easily overcome and our ramp up process couldn't have been smoother. Our relationship with FotoFusion has not only allowed us to grow our company, but we have taken it a step further and become the exclusive authorized dealer of LumaPix solutions in Colombia. We look forward to faster designs, more creativity and continuously improving quality with FotoFusion and FullScale."