Set Your Sights on Sustainability, GREENSpace is Your Desitination for All Things Green

Sustainability is a critical component in the success of every business today. At GRAPH EXPO 2012, GREENspace is your show floor destination dedicated solely to exhibitors that display eco-friendly products, services, and solutions focused on sustainability. In addition to the special show floor section, exhibitors across the show floor will also feature green and environmentally friendly products and services.

Presstek (Booth 3417) will be featuring its DI digital offset press technology. Presstek DI presses uses waterless printing technology, go from digital file to sellable sheet in as little as six minutes with less than 25 sheets of makeready waste, and image chemistry-free plates on press in precise register. On-press imaging of plates eliminates the need for external platemaking processes and the chemistry associated with them.

ACTEGA Kelstar (Booth 2641) will be highlighting its line of UltraSheen UV coatings that are based on renewable resources. “These coatings are based on ingredients that contain up to 70 percent of their formulation from renewable resources meaning they can be regrown again and again,” says Chris Calomino, Marketing Manager, ACTEGA Kelstar.

Fujifilm (Booth 414) is continually looking for ways to help customers save money and lower their environmental impact while still maintaining or raising their print quality. At this year’s GRAPH EXPO, Fujifilm is showcasing its FLH-Z ‘ZAC’ range of processors. Compared to typical processors, the ZAC processors offer printers savings by reducing the amount of effluent by up to 80%.

Eastman Kodak (Booth 1221) will be featuring the Kodak SONORA XP process-free plates, which are designed to reduce operational costs and environmental impact without compromising quality or performance.

There will be several green prepress and pressroom products and services in the Agfa Graphics GRAPH EXPO booth (627), but the most well-known solution is its line of chemistry-free and low-chemistry ThermoFuse and photopolymer digital plates. “From our Thermofuse plates (:Azura TS, :Amigo TS) to our violet chemistry-free plates (:N94-VCF, :Azura Vi), or :Energy Elite Pro, Agfa Graphics has demonstrated how a simple sustainable solution can go a long way,” says Dave Carey, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Prepress, Agfa Graphics North America.

Heidelberg’s Speedmaster SX 52 (Booth 1214) with the Anicolor inking unit is engineered for eco-efficiency from the ground up. Boasting 10 to 15 sheet makereadies and up to 90% less waste than conventional presses, the zoneless Anicolor technology helps printers reduce their environmental impact dramatically.

The “Energy Meter” is an in-line software feature for Heidelberg presses that measures current power consumption per 1,000 sheets and makes it easier for customers to save power. It takes into account the power used by the press and all of its peripherals. Printers can see the energy efficiency displayed on the Prinect Press Center Wallscreen.


Consultant’s corner

As part of the GREENspace initiative, Printing Industries of America’s Environmental, Health, and Safety Affairs team will be present at booth 2939 to answer your questions for free.

Whether you have an interest in sustainability or regulatory compliance, the team of experts is ready to provide you with the latest information and resources you need to become a sustainable green printer or understand and maintain your environmental and safety compliance requirements.

Discover how to cut costs and meet customer demands through: green and sustainable operations; cost reductions with lean and green approaches; avoiding penalties; minimizing liability due to injuries; driving down insurance costs; and more. It is their goal to provide you with effective and efficient assistance to give you the ability to concentrate on the business of doing business.

The EHS Affairs Department is well qualified to help as it has played a vital role in defending the printing industry against the agencies and regulations that you need to meet. The EHS Affairs team has been actively engaged with many agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Department of Transportation (DOT), and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). When regulations affect the printing industry or if customers are requiring green initiatives, the EHS Affairs team takes action.

Think of them as being your own professional Green and EHS staff so stop by and ask your questions.