New Program Can Jump Start Your Entry Into Marketing Services

Marketing services are opening new revenue streams for printing companies. Now NAPL is opening new opportunities for printers unsure of how to become marketing service providers by offering an affordable new members-only affinity program with the marketing experts at MSP Squared of Wilmington, DE.

Through its Stealth Studio Marketing, MSP Squared equips printers with branded marketing materials, a new Web presence, marketing, and technology training sessions for their sales reps, and subject matter experts in today’s multi-media marketing services. Offerings include marketing strategy development, copy writing, Web development, designers, a development team, and multi-part program project managers.

MSP Squared becomes an extension of a printer’s business. It’s comparable to hiring a full, seasoned staff of professionals, each with specific skills and roles, at a cost that is generally less than that of a single employee. The team responds to customers under the printer’s brand and traditionally has email accounts and phone extensions at the printer’s company.


Up and running

Within two weeks of signing up, the printer receives a branded capabilities brochure showing its existing capabilities and the new services it can now take to market through MSP Squared, plus sell sheets highlighting each new service. MSP Squared handles all the creative and copy development and creation of samples.

The first marketing program it executes is for the printing company itself, giving the company’s sales team reassurance that MSP Squared can execute the services they sell. MSP Squared also provides the printer a needs analysis and writes a custom marketing plan. Marketing strategy, creative, copy, and development of PURLs/GURLs are all included in the agreement. Also included:

• Website development, copy writing, and creative that incorporates the printer’s new marketing services into the best of its existing Web environment.

• Establishing and managing the printer’s social media presence and leveraging it to promote the new services.


Solutions training

Training sessions show the printer’s sales staff how to talk about new marketing solutions and move customers through the solution sales cycle. Training encompasses marketing and technology solutions, including social media, text messages, Web-to-print, e-commerce, and customer relationship management. Training sessions can be customized based upon existing expertise. MSP Squared serves as the printer’s support team in areas such as conducting needs analysis meetings, writing strategy documents, conducting technology demonstrations, and participating in technology discussions with a client’s technology team.

To learn more, stop by Booth 4023 and speak with a representative from MSP Squared or call Dean D’Ambrosi at 800-642-6275, ext. 6314, email him at, or visit