Prinect Image Control Next Generation Includes Unique features Specifically Designed for G7 Printers

Print Image Control is a fully integrated, closed-loop color measurement system using the latest technology in spectrophotometry that measures and controls color based on a continuous print control strip, and/or solid ink patches, and/or homogeneous colors within the sheet. It is the only such system in the industry that measures the complete printed sheet and connects directly to the press and prepress workflow for the purpose of total color management and color control of the printing process.

During makeready and production, sheets are measured using Image Control. Once the measurement is completed (about 25 seconds), the measured values are presented on the system’s 19” touchscreen or on the Press Center Wallscreen™ where the operator can easily observe any deviations from the defined reference values. Once the “OK” sheet has been identified and good sheet production commences, every measured sheet is compared to the “OK” reference values. If a deviation is detected, the system automatically calculates and recommends required adjustments. Upon agreement with the decision of Image Control, the operator simply touches one button on the touchscreen and the adjustments are automatically applied to any and all printing units simultaneously.

Using an imported PPF, the system automatically identifies all solid colors that will be used to measure and control color within the sheet, as well as any color bars which have been positioned. When deployed in package and label applications, it is not necessary to position a standard, continuous color bar; all that is required is that solid color patches are positioned in each printing ink zone – one for each color. Patches can be positioned in any waste areas of the sheet, such as between blanks, in flaps, or in any areas that will be eliminated in diecutting or trimming. This is extremely beneficial when seeking ways to maximize use of expensive materials.

Prinect Image Control is a valuable color management tool for implementing and defining printing standards and procedures, such as GRACoL, ISO, G7, etc. Using specially designed MiniSpots in combination with color management targets such as the IT8 form, it is possible to quickly and easily acquire color values and generate ICC profiles for proofing and platemaking.

The latest generation of Prinect Image Control includes unique features specifically designed for printers who use the G7 method for printing according to grey balance. The technology can achieve a defined L* value for 50% black, and “sees” and adjusts the grey tone made from CMY to the defined L* target value of neutral grey made from 50% black. It is extremely easy to input the G7-specified values for CMY, and once this is done the 3-color grey is visually indistinguishable from the black-only neutral grey. This feature is unique to Prinect Image Control, making it the best system available for printers who print according to G7 methods.