GRAPH EXPO 2012 Debut: Short-Run PUR Binding from Morgana

Morgana Systems Ltd. is debuting its PUR binding solution for digital print, the DigiBook 150, at Booth 3638.

The DigiBook 150 is capable of 150 cycles per hour, and can bind publications with spine thicknesses from 1/16" through to 2", in book sizes up to 15x12.5". A key feature of the 150, and across the DigiBook range, is the patented glue application system. Spine and side glue are applied using an adjustable slot applicator, allowing accurate control over both functions to give the best possible results. All the machines have a hermetically sealed glue and cleaning system which gives the quickest possible start-up and shutdown of the system with minimal glue wastage.


PUR range

The DigiBook range of machines are suited to both traditional and digital printers who require either short-run or production capacity PUR perfect bound books to a professional standard. The DigiBook range of machines are equipped with a patented closed gluing system, where the spine and side gluing are applied by a slot applicator for the utmost binding quality and accuracy.

DigiBook machines are easy to use, even by non-specialized personnel, via a touch screen panel with icon graphics suitable for the programming of all precision operations in just a few seconds. These include both start-up and shutdown, and use a system that is covered by a number of international patents.

The applicator is direct and is hermetically sealed without odor or toxic fume emissions, meaning that no extractor fan is required. This solution allows for the use of polyurethane glue in packs of up to six pounds, all adding up to simple and waste-free binding.


DigiBook products

The DigiBook 300 can bind up to 300 books per hour, and features a pneumatic opening and closing clamp. The product can handle spine thicknesses of 1/16" to 2", with a binding length from 4" to 17.7". It also has an angled work surface which holds the book upright when released from the clamp, making the system very productive and easy to use.

The top of the range machine, and most productive model, is the DigiBook 450. This machine can produce up to 450 books per hour and is equipped with automatic cover feeding and scoring, and automatic delivery and stacking of finished books.