Editorial: Another Opening, Another Show

If I was the type to whistle while I work, my dogs would be going crazy about now. Work is progressing on schedule for the Graph Expo Show Daily, but it does require keeping one’s nose to the grindstone. Which, I suppose, would make whistling fairly difficult. Plus, I am only one cog in the machine, so if everyone whistled we might get busted for disturbing the peace. But I digress.

The entire crew at Cygnus Graphics Media, a dedicated roster of freelancers, and the staff at the Graphic Arts Show Company (GASC) have all been hard at work in preparation for Graph Expo 2012. There is an awful lot of activity that goes on behind the scenes before and during the show. When you pick up your copy of the Graph Expo Show Daily or log onto it online, you’ll see the results of weeks’ worth of pre-show effort from the whole team as well as live on-site reporting and editing. As printers, I thought you might be interested in how it all works. Months before the show opens, our salespeople start selling advertising and editors begin soliciting relevant case histories and hot product information from the vendors who will be exhibiting at the show. Meanwhile, editors, columnists, and freelancers prepare articles on Graph Expo pavilions, award competitions, and co-located events. We also comb the seminar schedules to make sure show goers know about the full slate of educational opportunities.

The production schedule starts a month before the show with editorial and advertising material for the preprinted part of each day’s edition being edited and laid out. Each edition goes to CTP one day at a time, two days apart. These daily editions are digitized and printed prior to the opening of Graph Expo.

A 16 page “live” signature is produced daily during the show in a bee hive of activity in McCormick Place. The first day covers pre-show events such as the NAQP Owners Conference, Executive Outlook, the Must See ‘ems award presentations, including the new Legacy Award, and co-located pre-show event news. Days two, three, and four bring you live coverage of each day’s activities, along with comments, reactions, and observations from attendees, vendors, and industry leaders. Plus we will have a dedicated photographer and videogrpaher onsite to make sure we capture all the excitement.

Each day the “live” pages go out the door by 4:00 pm for overnight printing and merging with that day’s pre-printed pages. The issue is also digitized for online distribution. Meanwhile, the printed Show Daily copies get trucked from the printer to Chicago for overnight distribution to Graph Expo hotels and the show floor.

And now you know how it’s done—so enjoy it!