Ricoh ‘TotalFlow’ Solutions Streamline Print Operation from Customer Files to Fleet Productivity

Ricoh Americas Corporation (Booth 2600) will demonstrate essential solutions at GRAPH EXPO 2012 designed to help production printing facilities boost their productivity and grow their business.

Among them is the TotalFlow suite of production printing solutions, including TotalFlow MR (“MakeReady”) and TotalFlow PM (“Print Manager”). These solutions provide a full range of capabilities for optimal workflow, including print preparation, editing, numbering, watermarking, clean-up, finishing, job management, load balancing, archiving, search, and reprinting.

TotalFlow MR addresses the challenges of the front-end document preparation process—specifically, the time and effort it takes to combine customer documents, spreadsheets, images, and straggling email content into a single customer-facing communication ready for print. Ricoh TotalFlow MR streamlines the prepress workflow so production print operations can be more productive, with capabilities such as:

• Simple job merge to allow combining several files into one

• Image edit (such as deskew) of scanned documents for crisp output

• Simple edit image/edit PDF/pre-flight

• Easy page layout change for less rework and fewer mistakes

• Flexible tab settings for professional outlook

• Visual paper library setting

• Easy imposition operation

• Intuitive preview for last-minute check.

TotalFlow PM addresses the challenge of running an optimized print facility: Too often, printers sit idle because they are running under capacity, or worse, are down due to yet another unscheduled service call. TotalFlow PM gives customers complete control of their print facility with:

• a single view of all devices, monochrome and color

• an easy, intuitive graphical interface

• easy operator setup of print and finishing requirements

• a single page view of multiple jobs

• an interactive queue with alerts (such as oversized paper requirements) to prevent errors.


Simplified prepress workflow

Once a prepress designer has prepared a document for print, the job can be handed off to TotalFlow PM. Instead of relying on emails, phone calls, or face-to-face instructions, where error from miscommunication can occur, TotalFlow PM offers an electronically-based prepress workflow solution, minimizing the risk of confusion.

TotalFlow MR and TotalFlow PM are fully compatible, making a complete input/processing/output business information solution. Although the combination provides a simplified, efficient workflow, they can still be deployed separately depending on an organization’s needs.