Ricoh Business Booster Program Supports Great Technology with Best Practices, Tools and Support

Industry-leading technology like the Ricoh Pro line of production printers is essential for maximizing top performance of a printing organization—but it’s not the only thing. That’s why Ricoh Americas Corporation (Booth 2600), deeply committed to service that ensures customer success, offers the Ricoh Business Booster program, an integrated package of services and tools designed to help customers achieve their productivity potential.


Program details

The Ricoh Business Booster program offers three distinct tools:

• The Ricoh Business Booster Website: A comprehensive set of tools, tips, and exclusive industry knowledge that print providers need to get ahead of the digital curve.

• The Ricoh Business Booster Premium Services Direct: Personal access to a team of the industry’s top experts and consultants. This team works directly with customers and staff to deliver plans, training programs, and solutions tailored to the customer’s business needs.

• Ricoh Design Works: A team of graphic designers, programmers, and expert marketers with a deep understanding and proven track record in the print production industry. Whether meeting the full-service demands of the customer’s clients or developing promotions specifically for customers themselves, Ricoh Design Works creates the right image.


Proactive growth opportunity

The Ricoh Business Booster program allows customers to be proactive about their growth progress yet move at their own pace. No matter where a customer is on their path to growth, and no matter how they choose to define success, Ricoh has the information, training curriculum, and expert resources to help grow businesses the right way.

In addition, Ricoh closely monitors the customer’s program to help ensure success. Ricoh keeps customers up to speed, offering a monthly digital “Learn How To” campaign that delivers a complete package of trending topics, marketing ideas, and industry data right to the customer’s inbox. For those customers working with Ricoh consultants, a review and follow-up plan is provided so they can be sure to consistently meet goals in the weeks and months following training.

For more information about the program, be sure to stop by Booth 2600.