Print America Fall Meeting

Print America had its fall meeting during GRAPH EXPO yesterday. Print America was organized in 1982 as a peer group comprised of privately owned printing companies from non-competitive markets linked for the purpose of sharing information, ideas, and experiences. Members meet three times per year. One member typically hosts the meeting and is the subject of an in-depth tour and analysis by their peers, measuring the variables that affect the bottom line. Every member has an opportunity to host and be critiqued by the group.

Print America implements its mission by providing unique help that is not available elsewhere through:

• Plant Critiques

• Show and Tell

• Roundtable Discussions

• Providing well structured and organized meetings as a forum for good, open communications, using outside resources when appropriate, and

• Arranging for group purchasing and rebate programs.

Members can and do work together, cooperatively on behalf of their collective and individual customers. Members have full access to each other’s plants and capabilities and can offer our customers a broad range of products, services, and distribution alternatives. Print America is truly a national resource for print communications.