NPES to Update Flagship "Worldwide Market for Print" Study

NPES The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies, has announced plans to undertake a major revision of its 2006 landmark study, World Wide Market for Print, conducted by NPES’s market research unit, PRIMIR. After an extensive proposal review period, NPES awarded the contract to The Economist Intelligence Unit, the business information arm of The Economist Group and the world's leading provider of country intelligence.

The original study launched in 2006 assessed the size of the global printing industry and gauged the scope of the market for the major regions of the world and the 51 largest country markets. In addition to the print market data, the study also sized the current and future global market for printing equipment and consumable supplies.

Most importantly, the study identified the fastest-growing country markets that had the most potential for printing industry overall growth and for sales of printing equipment, supplies, and substrates.

According to NPES President Ralph Nappi, “Clearly, the print markets in North America and the rest of the developed nations are flat or declining. Both NPES and PRIMIR member companies are seeking markets with potential for long-term growth. Key to that is the identification of those markets that are both large and fast growing—this study will provide members with a roadmap to those countries that present the most opportunity for growth.”

In addition to updating the data from the 2006 report, the 2012 study will provide a fresh macroeconomic assessment for each region and identify global opportunities for NPES and PRIMIR members. The updated World Wide Market for Print study is slated for completion by spring 2013.