Color Management Workflow Optimized for Print Buyers

When it comes to seeing Sappi’s Daniel Dejan in action, adjectives such as “dynamic” and “entertaining” may be the understatements of the show when describing presenters here at GRAPH EXPO this week. I’ve personally listened to Dejan on several occasions, the first of which was on a three-hour bus ride along the western coast of Lake Michigan, from Chicago to Muskegon, MI, to tour the then 100-year-old Warren paper mill (which subsequently was shut down in 2009). The former graphic designer and art director knows the ins and outs of buying print, and his insights about the subtleties of paper-making and how it impacts printed color stay with me to this day.

“Feedback that we collected post-conference last year and even the previous year all indicated that print buyers in attendance at PBI events wanted more technical training about color management,” says Margie Dana, founder of Print Buyers International (PBI). “Daniel had delivered a session on color management for an hour, and the crowd clamored for more!”

This half-day “master class” on Monday is an intermediate/advanced workshop ideally suited for graphic designers, brand managers, those involved in print production and print and asset purchasing as well as anyone who needs to accurately identify, measure, and quantify and articulate color in addition to aspiring an optimized color workflow. The session will focus on a step-by-step review and discussion on optimizing workflow by addressing critical areas where most print challenges are generated. From image capture and profiles (whether shot or downloaded) to managing critical colors, choosing viewing tools, and accurately measuring color values, the end goal, says Dejan, is releasing files to the printer that get as close as possible to color expectations -- with minimal quality or time loss and unexpected fees.

“I’ve recognized -- and acknowledged -- the need for this sort of high-level technical education among print buyers in all kinds of industries,” Dana says, adding that nearly 100% of the attendees at Dejan’s workshop also registered for the two-day PBI Print & Media Conference. (See separate story on page __.)

“For those who cannot make it to the workshop tomorrow, we are offering a one-hour Color Management session during the conference proper, by Brian Lawler of Cal Poly,” she notes.