'Master' Color Management Workshop Makes Debut Today

During a three-hour workshop from 9am to noon this morning, Daniel Dejan, the North American ETC (Education, Training, and Consulting) Print & Creative Manager for Sappi Fine Paper, is teaching print buyers how to optimize their color-management workflows. Dejan is an IDEAlliance G7-certified expert with a proficiency in color and color management.

“Feedback that we collected post-conference last year and even the previous year all indicated that print buyers in attendance at PBI events wanted more technical training about color management,” says Margie Dana, founder of Print Buyers International (PBI). “Daniel had delivered a session on color management for an hour, and the crowd clamored for more!”

Some of the topics to be discussed:

- Color Theory: the RGB to CMYK conversion and its impact on printed color

- Why WYSIWYG is not always true

- Why some of the legacy color systems do not accurately convey color from gamut to gamut and how to overcome the limitations

- Managing critical colors: product replication, corporate identity, branding

- Working with photographers regarding image capture requirements and retouching, profiles and archiving for repurposing

- What measuring instruments every studio, agency, or in-house production department should have to have an optimized color workflow

- The importance of a fully calibrated workflow and how to achieve it

- Anticipating paper’s impact on color

- How illuminates will impact how colors are perceived, optimal viewing, and measuring lighting conditions

- SWOP, GRACoL, G7: industry guidelines that streamline and optimize the workflow, increase predictable results, and offer targets throughout the supply chain, nationally as well as internationally

- Challenges most often encountered in color management and how to address color management issues.

Dejan, a respected educator, consultant, and author served as technical consultant and a contributing writer for The Designer’s Guide to Print Production. Previously, he has shared his expertise, presenting keynote addresses, seminars, and workshops for AIGA chapters, the Printing Industries of America, Canadian Printing Industries, IDEAlliance, the IPA, the Spectrum Conference (which he co-chaired in 2007), Print Production Clubs, and Art Directors Club throughout the U.S. and Canada, national and international print, design and marketing events, conferences and symposiums, as well as in numerous presentations hosted by paper merchants, printers, and corporations. Today’s PBI workshop attendees are receiving a copy of Sappi’s Standard #2: Color Management and Calibration.

The workshop is part of the two-day co-located PBI conference.