Print Standards: The 'Global Enabler'

There’s more to the International Standards Organization (ISO) than printing plant certification. To date, ISO has published 70 standards related to printing and graphic technology. The group met in Chicago this past week, and two dozen or so of its leaders have extended their stays at GRAPH EXPO. These technical experts are joining forces with IDEAlliance (formerly IPA), the industry’s prepress trade association.

“These are the people who write the standards for everday printing – for everything from color management and viewing conditions to printing presses and safety,” says Steve Bonoff, Executive Vice President of Marketing for IDEAlliance. “Equipment and software needs to support these standards,” which he adds may be more important than ever before.

Some 30 countries participate in ISO, and Bonoff points out that, indeed, “people are buying globally” these days. Joe Fazzi, Vice President of Media Production Technologies at IDEAlliance, adds that color science is among the more critical factors. “Old legacy presses were color blind, but new technology can see color,” Fazzi notes. What isn’t new, adds his colleague Bonoff, is competition and maintaining “an edge.” The companies here this week understand that – leading firms consumer packaging firms such as Pepsico, Target, and Walmart; progressive printers like FedEx Office and the GPO; and supportive paper-makers Finch and Sappi. 

The Printing Standards Forum being held October 8 in the IDEAlliance booth (#4456) addresses the latest graphic communications standards being directed by ISO as well as by CGATS Graphic Arts Committees. Led by developers, experts, and practitioners of global standards and specifications, attendees will participate in discussions and debate on such issues as:

  • Metrics vs. data set conformance
  • Process control
  • Printing tolerances & conformance standards
  • Lighting, viewing and instrument standards
  • PDF/X and other file and image formats

For media production leaders in premedia and print, this first-ever North American event brings together industry leaders who develop and publish the specifications and standards used domestically and internationally for the betterment of our industry. The line-up of speakers includes: Martin Bailey of Global Graphics, Roy Bohnen of Epson America, Ray Cheydleur of Xrite, Bob Chung of RIT, Russell Doucette of Konica Minolta, Bob Hallam of Quad/Graphics, Elie Khoury ofAlwan Color, Danny Rich of SunChemical, Roy Tang of Leo Paper Group, and Larry Warter of Warter Color.

Attendees of the 2012 Printing Standards Forum will discover how standards can significantly improve their company’s return on their technology investments. A conference pass is available for only $39, which includes the 12th edition of Printing Guidelines (a $25 value).

“We’ve received a lot of compliments for being here at GRAPH EXPO the past two years,” says Bonoff. Stop by Booth 4456 to see why.