Pathways to Profits and Productivity: An Interactive Event

On Sunday morning from 11:00 am – 12 noon, more than 60 people, mostly company owners, attended the annual session co-sponsored by NAQP and Quick Printing/ (Booth 4338). Working from the theme “Pathways to Profits and Productivity: An Interactive Event”, participants took part in a rapid fire question and answer session with top Quick Printing columnists.

Those who attended the NAQP Owners Conference, which immediately preceded GRAPH EXPO, were treated to a Grab ‘n Go Breakfast, then transported to McCormick Place on buses in order to avoid the traffic jam caused by the Chicago Marathon. The session was free to all who are involved in the quick and small commercial printing segment of the industry.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to interact one-to-one with top industry experts, subject matter covered subjects as far ranging as industry ratios, sales strategies, social media, and emerging technology. Questions had also been submitted before the session. The panel of participating columnists consisted of Dave Fellman, Steve Johnson, Mitch Evans, Tawnya Starr, Joe Rickard, and Stuart Margolis. Quick Printing Editor Karen Hall moderated the panel and kept things moving in order to have as many questions answered as possible.

The session was filmed and will soon be available for viewing in the Media Center at and on