Make Your Website (More) Dynamic

At a free session Sunday afternoon, PrinterPresence (Booth 861) President Tanya Starr showed 30 printers in the audience how they can grab a bigger slice of the online sales pie by improving their websites. “Some 76% of consumers go online to get information prior to making a buying decision,” Starr said, citing comScore research statistics. “But no matter how good you think your website may be,” she added, “it’s not very good if people aren’t seeing it.”

Starr went on to reveal the top three mistakes that printers make when developing a website strategy, based on PrinterPresence findings:

• The “do-it-cheaply” mentality, where people try to save money by using internal IT and graphic design resources.

• Failing to make the website part of an overall, integrated marketing strategy.

• Lack of research and planning when it comes to truly understanding their customers.

A lot of people get their websites up and running and think they run themselves, Starr cautioned. “You really need to assign resources to keep content fresh,” she urged. “Content is king, and content is what feeds search engines.”

Website functionality is another key component that Starr highlighted, using public and private e-commerce as examples. For key customers, private e-commerce sites requiring logins and passwords have been shown to increase revenues by up to 30%. “It’s all about making it easy for customers to do business with you,” she noted.

“Effective landing pages are game changers, too” Starr concluded.