Xanté Premieres IMPRESSIA Multi-Media Digital Print Systems

Xanté (Booth 2449) moved onto a new playing field with the debut of the IMPRESSIA Multi-Media Digital Print System at GRAPH EXPO yesterday. This top-of-the-line machine puts Xanté squarely in the high volume, commercial quality category at the lowest cost per print in the marketplace. With IMPRESSIA, Xanté expands its ability to fulfill the printing needs of small to mid-size printers, in-plants, and office environments, starting at only $14,999, and including a site license for Xanté’s high-end iQueue 7 Ultimate workflow.

The iQueue 7 Ultimate Workflow automates digital prepress production from multiple user workstations.

“Advancements are allowing us to change the rules of the game,” says Robert Ross, CEO and Founder of Xanté. “We’re in a time when productivity and price point are the most critical factors for buyers. IMPRESSIA gives any sized shop the edge they need to deliver product quickly and profitably to their customers, all while maintaining the highest quality standards. It will be exciting to watch the effect IMPRESSIA has on the variety of markets we can now serve.”

IMPRESSIA’s multi-bit print engine, together with iQueue’s processing abilities, allow the new system to out perform other digital printers. Resulting features and benefits include:

• Fast turnaround of personalized full color letterhead, cards, envelopes, forms, brochures, mailers, labels, banners, and more.

• Resolutions up to 2400 for exceptional sharpness, clarity, and color quality.

• Ability to edit CMYK and match critical spot colors using iQueue Ultimate Workflow.

• Support for PANTONE, ColorSync, ICM, and custom ICC profiles provide more control over prints.

• New PxP toner offers wider color gamut. The smaller particles enable the IMPRESSIA Digital Color Series to capture subtle changes in color and tone, and to print on a wider variety of media and in a wider range of sheet sizes at up to 50 ppm in full color, black-and-white, or mixed output.

• Dramatically improved print speeds with a standard 80 GB hard disk drive.

• Minimized waiting with a first color print time of eight seconds, or seven seconds for black-and-white. Warm-up time is less than a minute.

• Run full-color jobs, including variable data, in one pass.

“The goal with the IMPRESSIA was to drastically reduce the price of print and,in doing so, we also have increased the quality of print as well as speed,” said Ross.