Bringing the World Enfocus at GRAPH EXPO

At the Enfocus (Booth 246) press conference, Vice President Fabian Prudhomme announced that the company’s flagship product Switch reached a major milestone, having posted 36% growth since last year. That is its biggest leap ever in a single year, and puts it well on track to meet the company’s goal of 50% growth by the end of 2012. In fact, overall company sales are currently up 5%. Only PitStop has seen sales decline by 5% overall this year, but that is primarily due to the economic problems in Europe.

Prudhomme quoted Henry Ford, saying, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” He asserted that Enfocus is not afraid to work in order to take advantage of the opportunities currently available to the industry. Speaking about the European economic climate, he added, “With crisis comes opportunity. When faced with a crisis, we are forced to look outside ourselves to find where the new opportunities exist.”

One of the opportunities the company identified was the growth of the sign and display business. While the Switch channel in Europe is struggling in most markets, sign and display users are adopting the software quickly. Once they measure the price against the ROI and the ease of use, “it doesn’t take them very long to switch to Switch,” said Prudhomme.

The new Switch 11, which is being demonstrated at GRAPH EXPO, is now a fully modular product. Building on globally proven tools, its purpose is to translate PDFs, error-free, into print and cross-media. The company is leveraging the standard Enfocus DNA to enable Switch scripting and to constantly improve the product.

Alex Hamilton, Director of Business Development, took over the presentation to talk about the PitStop 11 solution. He explained how the company’s website has recently been upgraded to dispel the “6 Myths of Automation”:

• It takes too long to implement

• It will make me lose my job

• It’s complicated

• It’s out of my control

• It’s expensive

• It locks me in

The site offers whitepapers and infographics that help users understand the advantages of automating their workflow. It also shows them how to bring it more easily into reach.

Enfocus is in Booth 246, but is also being shown in partner booths: Alwan (Booth 154), CHILI Publish (Booth 971), Dynagram (Booth 4835), EFI (Booth 2000), Esko (Booth 427), HP (Booth1227), and Quite Software (Booth 462).